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Dead Trigger 2 Best WeaponsHere is a list of the Dead Trigger 2 Best Weapons & Guns. It includes some guns that were available for a limited time and are suppose to be released again in a future update.

Keep in mind you can find Blueprints that are 2 levels higher than your Tech. So when your weapons tech is level 7 you can find MK 9 BP’s. You’ll still need to wait until the required level to build it though.

There is an absolute ton of weapons to choose from and knowing whats gonna be the best in the end is important. Focusing your spending and not wasting money will save you a lot of time in the long run. Choosing some thing your comfortable with can be just as important as using the best weapon.

Thankfully some are much better than others. Below I rank the most useful killing tools starting with #1. Check out the survey below and vote on your 3 best weapons. For more info check out our Dead Trigger 2 Wiki.

Dead Trigger 2 Best Weapons & Guns



A tactical shotgun that will blow you away. Considered by many the strongest and most over powered weapon in Dead Trigger 2. You’ll need $1,125,000 and a Gunsmith Level 10 to build. When you buy this it starts out with max stats and can’t be upgraded more. If your ever not sure what to do with some extra spending cash this will not be a loss.
Stats – Mk10 13,056 Damage $1,125,000, 12 in clip with 48 holding and 9 on pickup, need Tech Lv 10. Has Red Dot Sight and Fore Grip with 6 BP’s.
Pros – High damage and magazine size.
Cons – Slow reload with low accuracy and fire rate. The most expensive gun beside the ones that cost real money.

Minigun2. Minigun

A must have in any Zombie Apocalypse. You can prime the fire rate by tapping the trigger to keep it running so to speak.
Stats – Mk9 3686 DMG $1.1M , Mk10 7373 DMG, 300 in the clip and that’s it with 24 pickup max and 8 BP’s Tech 9. There are no attachments.
Pros – Fastest fire rate, great accuracy, long range, and large ammo capacity.
Cons – .5 second start up so you’ll need to prime the pump if you you are on high alert. You’ll also move slow and should conserve ammo in small bursts as it’s lost rapidly on max fire.


Jackhammer1. Jackhammer

Get this early and continue to make it better and you won’t be disappointed. Later you can upgrade to the Crossbow and Desert Eagle for some verity.
Stats – 576 DMG Mk6, 9,216 DMG Mk10, 12 Mag with 60 Res and up to 10 on a pickup. Need Tech Lv 4 with 4 BP’s.
Pros – Biggest ammo capacity and best range of any shotgun, automatic, no aim loss when moving.
Cons – Lowest damage of all shotguns.

Crossbow2. Crossbow

For a secondary side are this guy can serve you well for crowd control as the arrows pierce going through everything in the way.
Stats – 96 DMG Mk4 6,144 DMG Mk10, 20 in the mag with 80 backup and up to 16 on the pickup. Need Tech Lv 2 and 4 BP’s for $50K.
Pros – Peirce’s targets, No loss in accuracy when moving.
Cons – 3 round burst fire requiring unnecessary use of available ammo. Bad accuracy with the bolts dropping in the distance requiring you to aim up for long range targets.

Desert Eagle3. Desert Eagle

This little buddy packs quite the punch killing regular Zombies in one hit in almost everyplace you hit and specials in 2 to 3 shots.
Stats – 1065 DAM Mk7, 844 DAM Mk10, 7 Mag with 20 Res and up to 4 on a pickup. Cost 2 2 BP’s and $200K.
Pros – Very High Power and range.
Cons – Small ammo pool and slower fire rate.


Hard hitting stopping power when maxed out and the 2nd best shotgun in the gun, next to the KSG above.
Stats – 3072 DMG Mk8, 12,288 DMG Mk10, 7 Mag with 35 Res and up to 6 on a pickup. Need Tech Lv 6 with 4 BP’s.
Pros – Very High Damage with upgraded ammo supply.
Cons – Slow reload and fire rate with poor range.

Check out a ton more info for Weapons & Guns on the Official Dead Trigger 2 Weapons page. You might need some ad blocker as there are tons.


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