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Dead City Wiki Guide Walkthrough TipsA Dead City Wiki with a Guide and Walkthrough with info on gear and some Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Cheats to help you out. Dead City was developed by Com2uS who has an absolute slew of other games available for mobile.You can get most of them on both Android at Google Play and at iTunes for iPad, iPhone, and iOS.

This game can be beaten in 1 or 2 weeks with consistent play without much grinding needed. The only thing missing would be more content as it’s a little on the short side, but may that will happen with a future update. This Dead City Wiki can be updated daily so check back often if your interested in new content.

Dead City Wiki & Guide

Tip, Tricks, Hints, Cheats




Try to keep the best one for Critical hits and run speed. A few increases can dramatically improve CRI especially on top tier gear.

Rank/Name/Max Stats

Head – CRI 5 MOV 1.04 Max ?
2. Thief Cap – CRI 6 MOV 1.08 5000G
3. Sunglass – CRI 7 MOV 1.12 10KG
5. Police Cap – CRI 8 MOV 1.16 25KG
7. Rambo Headband – CRI 9 MOV 1.2 50KG


Try to always have the best one for the gold buff, but invest too heavily until stronger gear. If your good at not getting hit that you can spend your gold on offense instead.

Rank/Name/Max Stats
2. Thief T-Shirt C+1
3. Suit C+2
4. Police Suit C+3
6. Rambo T-Shirt C+4


Every few level you will have the chance to unlock new weapons and always 2 at a time. It’s best to choose 1 of the 2 and stick with it so you can ride the wave to the 15 Rank which takes much more time to achieve needing to kill 60 Fat Zombies.

Rank/Name/Max DMG

1. Glock – Slow shooting a works better for someone who’s a good shot.

MAC10 – Automatic with unlimited ammo. Less damage than Glock but shoots way more bullets like a net of death which makes up for the loss. What I would use though you won’t have it long.

4. SPAS12 – I took the MP5 below though I’m afraid this would have been a better choice. Cover a wide area with a pretty good fire rate.

MP5 – Shoots faster than MAC10 and has higher damage.

7. PSG-1 – Again I went with the other choice and this one would have worked better. The bullets shoot at a decent rate passing through everything in a straight line. The Desert Eagle below does the same without a piercing effect. I love this thing.

D-Eagle – Slower than the MP5, but packs a much bigger punch.

10. Super 90 – Good for groups with wide radius and big single boss targets with condensed fire. Make killing easier and more fun, relax and whoop some axe.

AK-47 – Fires in a line quicker than all guns before it.

13. P-90 – Rapid fire in a straight line. One on one and their done, aim for the head and their dead. Can be overwhelmed by crowds at low power. Because of its high fire rate when you point it from one place to another everything in between is probably going to get hit.

RPG-7 – Blows up doing area damage when hitting something and causing knockback. It’s like having portable barrels and shooting a grenade launcher without the lob. Critical hit destroy most thing in one blast. Can be hard to use on Ghosts and tough Bosses until powered up. A superior killing tools for groups, but no head critical hits.

16. M4A1 -

M82A1 – Sniper rifle with rounds that hit targets multiple times as it passes through everything. At level 10+ this thing can complete the game and maxed out will get S Ranks on all Week 7 missions.

18. M249 –

AT-4 –A rocket launcher with a big bang, this is not a theory.


You get the best car at Rank 13 which is pretty easy and quick to get to. It’s recommended to not invest in cars at all or very little to save for the big one. Then you can go wild upgrading it until the max level of 15.

Rank/Name/Max Stats


There will be a boss at the end of every week who will then become a regular enemies in the following weeks.


Rank Rewards, Objectives, Guide

2. 1500g – K100
3. 3000g – K200, Aim at head 100
4. 10,000g – K300, K20 Hounds
5. 15,000g – K400, 30 Barrels
6. 25,000g – K600 and 30 Cops (D7 W1-3)
7. 50,000g – K600 and K100 Self Destruct Zombies (W2-3)
8. 80,000g – K800, Drive Car 6 times and K150 with it.
9. 140,000g – K1400, K60 Vomiting Zombies, Detonate 40 Mines
10. 250,000g – K1700, K30 Jumping Zombies (D21 W3-5), Aim at head 2000 times.
11. 400,000g – K2000, Drive car 12 times and K350 with it.
12. 600,000g – K2400, K20 Ghosts (D28 W4-6), use 150 First Aid Kits.
13. 1,000,000g – K2800, K15 Thief’s (reach A rank to spawn on all missions), 70 Mines.
14. 1,500,000g – K3400, K60 Green Overweight Zombies (D35, D42 has 6 per run, W5-6), blow 250 barrels.
15. 2,500,000g – K4000, K100 Ghost’s (W4-6), K600 Soldier’s (W6-7), Use 300 First Aid.
16. 4,000,000g – K4500, K20 Slaughterers, K80 Green Overweight Zombies, and K1000 with car.
17. 6,000,000g – K5000, K1 Boss Zombie (D49), K80 Slaughterers, Detonate 500 barrels.
18. 2,000,000g – K5000, K10 D49 Bosses. This is repeatable an infinite amount of times.

Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats

Barrels – If you kill Zombies with barrels they don’t count towards your total and they take away from your driving length. So you should avoid them unless you need it for defense.

Cheats – If you’re looking for cheats like unlimited money, gold or coins you might find yourself in a little pickle. The devs have been working hard to try and stop this kind of behavior and require you to connect via internet and update if necessary. This keeps the profits flowing in more smoothly.

Glitch – Sometime the controls seem to hang leaving you left or right joystick stuck in a position, causing chaos in the process.

Speed – Equip the Glock for a secondary weapon and use it for a large speed boost to grab First-Aids and Gas cans that are out of reach.

In Game Loading Screen Tips
1. Guns can be rotated 360 degrees while firing.
2. Upgrade your gun and increase its damage.
3. Accomplish class missions and receive gold rewards.
4. Your gold reward doubles when you kill zombies using a car.
5. Advance to a new class to unlock new Equipment.
6. Body Equipment increases your gold reward as a bonus.
7. Head Equipment increases the effectiveness of First Aid Kits as a bonus.
8. Some guns may slow down your speed.
9. Cars help you clear stages easily and quickly.
10. Cash items aid in your game play.
11. Bombers help you escape danger.
12. When you select Game Over/Give Up, you will lose 80% of your gold reward.
13. Kill Thief’s to play Bonus Roulette.
14. Detonate Barrels and Mines to inflict damage on surrounding enemies.
15. Combo kills increase your gold reward.
16. Guns have different attributes such as rapid fire, piercing, explosive, and buckshot.
17. Your ranking is determined by your total kills based on your total playtime.
18. Use Oil Barrels and fill up the Fuel Gauge to drive a car.
19. Critical attacks inflict triple damage and knock their target back.
20. Achieve Rank B or higher to achieve a gold bonus.
21. The game speed and your enemy’s Attack Strength increase after each week.
22. Use Bonus Roulette to obtain Bombers and the Continue item.
23. Use the Continue item to resurrect your character.
24. Use the SWAP button to switch guns.
25. Thief’s appear when you achieve Rank A.
26. The better your car, the more your damage and the farther you’re traveling distance.
27. Clear each day to record your max kills, rank, and Bonus Roulette results.
28. Some items enhance your character abilities.
29. You can use a car only once a day.
30. Don’t forget to use eye drops when playing the game for long times to achieve S rank.
31. Aim at Zombie heads to instantly decrease their HP by 50%.
32. Aim at Zombie torsos to achieve Critical damage.
33. Learn all the Zombies attributes to kill them easily.
34. Your HP will recover with first-aid.
35. If you play Dead City for too long, your fingerprint may wear out. JK!
36. National ranking is the sum score of all users within the country.
37. National ranking is initialized every week.
38. You can earn more gold from bosses.
39. Stronger guns slow you down, so make sure you equip HEAD gears.


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