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Dead City WalkthroughThis is a Walkthrough for Dead City which is a mobile games developed by Com2uS and is available on Android and iOS. You can click on the numbers below to watch a YouTube video showing strategy and equipment for each day.

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S Rank Walkthrough & Gameplay

The main things to remember for Week 1-5:

Don’t Upgrade Your Car till Rank 13 – Since you get the best car in the game (without purchase) at Rank 13 it’s a good idea to wait until then to blow money on your ride. It’s quick to get that far before the small wall of grinding begins for R15 objectives, and you’ll save a ton.

Improve 1 Weapon at a Time – Every couple of ranks you will open up to new guns to use. Both are good and you should focus on building up only one. When the next ones are unlocked do the same. This will help save currency and ride the wave. When new guns open up the one you have are now obsolete and shouldn’t be invested in anymore.

Head & Body – Your head increases run speed and critical hit rate. Your body raises your health and increase the amount of gold you get for killing Zombies. Both are a must and to save you only need to unlock the first tier until later ranks when you should probably upgrade gear a couple times for an easy 20%+ CRI hit rate and less squishiness.

The above will get you through Week 5 with relative ease. After that though, things can take a turn for the worst. The last day of every week will have a new boss enemy that will appear more regularly in later days. Check out the descriptions below for help on what to do next without wasting too many resources.

Click #’s below for Dead City Day & Week Walkthrough Gameplay Android YouTube Videos:

Week  1 Judgment Day – Easy like s tutorial to get down the basics.

1              2              3              4              5              6              7

Week 2 ?

8              9              10            11            12            13            14

Week 3 Abandoned Land

15           16           17           18           19           20           21

Week 4 Dead Sun –        

22           23           24           25           26           27           28

Week 5 City of the Dead – This is where things start to get kind of tough requiring you to grind more for better weapon upgrades as the Zombies get meaner. When you choose your Rank 14 gun stick with it, both are good, and don’t second guess wasting money trying the other one. This area is tough on purpose, it’s called time to make some money. Focus on increasing DPS and to be scared to throw some cash at your Rally Car.

29           30           31           32           33           34           35

Week 6 Endless Journey – By the time you make it here you have 2 choices, grind Day 35 for Fat Zombies 60 times and get Rank 15 completion or build up your gun and move forward to find a day with a better concentration of Fat green dead.

36           37           38           39           40           41           42

Week 7 The Great Darkness -

43           44           45           46           47           48           49

Week 8 Unfinished Business – Get S Rank on all missions.

Dead City Walkthrough Week 7

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