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Daily Events - Brave TrialsDaily Events are extra things to do when you run out of stamina. You can earn lots of goodies here. All of them but the Faerin Run are necessary for completing Daily Quests. Some of them can all be played a certain amount of times a day for free. Others require you to play at a certain time of day. You can spend gems to play more than the daily limit for most of them.

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Trial Party – Win Rare Rings and Necklaces

You can play these by yourself and don’t need anyone else to play, just hit the go button. This is useful for completing the Daily Quest requirement. Higher level areas however are very difficult for low level players and a party is recommended. If you don’t have enough PWR you may find yourself being kick when trying to join others or leaving when you start your own match. The best ways to increase PWR fast is by Enhancing equipment and Leveling up and Upgrading Faen.

Vault Boss (aka World Boss)  Lv20 – Win Coins

If you can cause enough damage in the time limit you will earn a large amount of coins. Though this is unlocked early you’ll need 30,000+ PWR to qualify for the first reward. Not sure if this guy will cause any damage in battle. I always fight up close and personal and am never hit once.

Faerin War Lv25 – Win Coins and Prestige

This one is tricky to participate in as the window of opportunity is small. Twice a day for 15 minutes each you’ll have a chance to complete this event. A button will appear on your screen in town and blink when this is available.

Faerin Run Lv25 – Win Coins and Gems

Cost coins or tickets to enter.

Ancient Realm Lv26 – Win Crests and Gems

The best place in the whole game to earn crests which are important for increasing power.

City Defense Lv40 – Win Set E.Shards

Its recommended to have 130k+ PWR and be over Lv40 to not be kicked from every game you try to join. 200k PWR is good for farming. You should be 70-80k PWR above the requirements to be able to stop the waves of monster without to much trouble. Rogues should avoid using the invisibility skill monster will walk past you to the alter.

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