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Crossy Road Best CharacterThe Crossy Road Best Character would have to be the Flea. Because of it’s super small size it’s able to maneuver through vehicles and obstacle with less chance of getting hit than other characters. Being small and hard to hit is what makes the Flea the best character in Crossy Road.

To get the Flea you’ll have to keep trying at the gift machine. Each try costs 100 coins. It may take awhile to acquire this guy though as you will often get characters that you already have. Keep tying and it will show up eventually.

Controlling the Flea can be difficult at times when around large obstacles that block your view. When this happens it’s correct position might get confusing cause you to run into things and jump in the water.

The second best character would have to go to the Piggy Bank. This character is a payed only and cost around $3 of real money. Upon purchase you will instantly receive 1000 coins. When using the Piggy Bank coins will appear in levels that are red and worth 5 coins instead of 1 like normal.

Besides these 2 the rest of them have pretty much the same use and speed. Some will be wider than others making them less useful as they have less room to dodge obstacles. Some will also be long which will make it harder to get through things.

Overall the best ones would be small with not a lot of width or length for less of a target. This will get you through the most areas unharmed and with less difficulty than others.

You might also try using things that you like or are attracted to. Feeling better about the character your playing with can help you do better. Many people might know this already, but keeping a positive outlook on things can help you do better not just in this video game. It can help you be more successful in life itself.

The developers (Yodo1 Games) of Crossy Road have a couple more tiles that might be worth checking out on Google Play.

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