Dec 242014

Clouds & Sheep Sun Symbol & SnowflakeWhen playing Clouds & Sheep there will be symbols that appear over your sheep’s head. What does the Sun Symbol mean? Their feeling wet or cold and want to warm up under the sun. What does the Snowflake Symbol mean? The sheep are feeling hot and would like to cool off. The symbols stand for temperatures and when to move the buddies somewhere more comfortable. Related info: Check out some Clouds & Sheep Tips or become a Premium Clouds & Sheep user.

Sun Symbol - Clouds & Sheep Snowflake Symbol - Clouds & Sheep

Things can get a bit confusing for some. Because the symbols mean something other than what they stand for. You have to think about an extra step. Hot means cold, not hot means hot for example. I wonder if this is some kind of intentionally confusing psychology. This could put in and option to reverse the sun and snowflake symbols. Like adjusting the up and down controls for flying games or camera controls for FPS’s. I suppose with repetition it gets easy enough after awhile.

I bet how these sheep feel is a lot like real life. Imagine having to wear a huge sweater that could never be taken off? They would have to get hot extremely easy making them bad for warm climates. They would probably be much better for the cold though not too chilly. With nothing on the heads and legs their no penguins.

The best way to handle a sheep would be to shave em and sell the profit. It’s like a dog that makes money cause it’s wool instead of actual hair. You’d have to keep them in good shape like a animal show grade. But who knows, maybe there a marked for low to medium quality product. Or maybe is just super easy maintain.

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