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Clash of Kings Best Troops Units StrategyThis is a short guide going over Clash of Kings Best Troops, Units & Strategy. In a nutshell the highest tier type built will be the best units. This includes units for Infantry, Calvary, Archers, Chariot and Traps. These will unlock once the corresponding training facility is Lv 30. For more info visit our growing Clash of Kings Wiki with Tips.

You can view all stats for every troop type and rank from the very start of the game. Choose the desired unit by scroll up to the higher level ones and tap the red dot on it’s picture. This will give you an information sheet full of all it’s stats.

Clash of Kings Best Troops


Clash of Kings Best Infantry Unit


Clash of Kings Best Cavalry Unit


Clash of Kings Best Archer Unit


Clash of Kings Best Chariot Unit


Taps have 3 top choices depending on the incoming forces. Rock Fall is good for Infantries and Pikemen, Arrows are goods for Carveries, and Logs are good for Archers and Crossbowmen. It cant always be easy planning in advance fro what to come. Some long range battle can be scouted to preemptive strike with the right defense.

Clash of Kings Best Trap


Alliance & Servers- Being in a full Alliance will help speed up the construction of buildings, research, and troops. Make sure to upgrade your Embassy to get more help from your Alliance. Some good places to look for new Alliances is to teleport to one of the newest severs. You’ll see a Hot Symbol nest to the Server.

To view other servers tap the green map in the bottom left corner when on the world map, then tap the globe to choose a different server. The new one are some where on the out side of the huge list. The higher the server number the newer it is and more likely to have less competition for resources. You can use one of 2 free teleport scrolls before reaching level 6. When on the zoomed out version of the world map the brighter green section towards the center will have higher level resources spots. The best players will be hogging up the center.

Collecting Resources Shortcut – When collecting wood and other resources from your farms there is no need to tap every one. Simple tap the first one, then hold your finger down and drag it over the rest of the resources. You collects everything like a fruit ninja.

More Marching Troops – The Collage Research called Legion in the Military section will let you deploy 2 units at the same time. This can be used to farm Castles  and gold mines while still able to fight for experience. Another hand will make things go much faster in the long run. You’ll only need Collage Lv6 and 1 in the 2 researches below Legion. This can be done 2 more times at Collage Lv11 and Lv20 for a total of 4 units doing things a the same time. With Legion you can send many cheap units in a first wave to clear traps and weak setups, then hit like thunder with waves of peak performers to far outnumber your opponent.

Farming Experience – Keeping a consistent amount of exp coming in will help smooth the sometime long leveling process. The key to getting lots of experience is to upgrade building to higher levels. That’s wear you’ll get the biggest bang for your time waited. Next, you should continuously attack either NPC or other people on the map not in Alliances. This will lots of exp

Gold & VIP Rank- You should spend gold on raising you VIP rank for the best value of 1000G for 1000 VIP points. VIP bonuses are great passive buffs than will dramatically speed up normal actions like Total Resource income, Instant Free Building SpeedUp, Faster Stamina recovery and ton more. You can view rewards for every rank be tapping the red VIP banner by your profile picture in your base. Most everything else in Clash of Kings that cost gold is a temporary buff which when compared to a permanent buff is almost useless in most situations.

Hospital – Make sure to check your Hospital from time to time. Units are wounded in battle before they die. When the Hospital hits it’s max capacity troops will die for good. For this reason having multiple Hospitals will be good for save them most troops during both NPC and PvP fighting. Make sure to check it often to clean it out with Food. Helps save costs for training new units.


For the sake of power you should always try to make the newest troops once they become available. This will increase your total power which will let you farm stronger NPC.

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