Nov 162014

Clash of Clans 2 Wiki Guide Cheats AndroidA Clash of Clans 2 Wiki & Guide with various info on the epic second coming. Clash of Clans 2 is a Strategy game where you can play with people from around the world building, defending, and attacking others. It’s completely free with paid option and will be available for Android, iOS, and PC Mac using BlueStacks and Andy.

Train your troops and compete with millions for their Trophies and the title of best clan. With the load of money the developers are making (about 900 mil in 2013) these guys might not be coming out with a new title any time soon. Plus, they seems to just update the game with new content keeping things fresh and reducing the need for a second installment. The only thing to trigger a second coming would probably be people not playing anymore.

With the looks of things part 2 might have a different name and be a different game completely. Updates seems to keep the ball rolling on this app. Be sure to check back often as you never know what around the corner for the future of clans. New content will be added when new morsels of info hit the net.

Clash of Clans 2 Wiki & Guide

Barbarian Kings – Bases – Builders – Clan Leaders – Devices – Healers – Heroes – Release Date – Review – Rumors – Shards – Spells – Stars – Storage – Strategy – Villages – Download

Clash of Clans 2 Potential Screenshots

Clash of Clans 2 Android iOS 1 Clash of Clans 2 Android iOS 2 Clash of Clans 2 Android iOS 3 Clash of Clans 2 Android iOS 4 Clash of Clans 2 Android iOS 6 Clash of Clans 2 Wiki Guide Cheats Android iOS Screenshot

Clash of Clans 2 Tips, Tricks, Hints

As soon as this wonderful title shows up on the scene there are sure to be some good Tips, Tricks, and Hints right here.

Clash of Clans 2 Cheats

The only true cheats available for Clash of Clans 2 will probably be the same as the first installment. Quick updates to render mods useless. With the massive amount of cash this things bringing in I’m sure they get special attention when it comes to prevention.

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