Nov 212014

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Wonders are special building that offer very useful and unique bonuses. For more info check out the Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Wiki & Guide.

TR = Tech Required, need this to build specific Wonder. Some don’t need any Tech to build.
OT = Obsolete Tech, at tech that matches or beats the Wonders bonus. Not all wonders are rendered useless with Technologies.

Apollo Program


Colossus of Rhodes

Cristo Redentor

East India Company

Eiffel Tower

Great Library of Alexandria

Great Pyramid Civilization Revolution 2 WondersGreat Pyramid
TR – Ceremonial Burial
OT – Monarchy
Gives access to all forms of Government raising multiple stats. One of the Best Wonders.

Great Wall
TR – Masonry
OT – Engineering
Forces all foes to make peace with you.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon
TR – Pottery
Raises Population in city built by 50%.

Highspeed Broadband
TR – Networking
Increases science output based on development of building in city. Raises culture growth depending on city size.

Himeji Samurai Castle
TR – Monarchy
OT – Communism
All military Units gain +1 attach strength.

TR – Mass Media
Increase number of cities flipped in your favor. City walls don’t prevent flipping of enemy cities.

TR – Networking
Gold production in all cities is doubled.

Leaning Tower of Pisa
More gold from Caravans.

Leonardo’s Workshop
TR – Invention
Upgrade all antiquated units if you have techs for upgrades. Example: Knight would turn into Tanks.

Lighthouse of Alexandria
OT – Navigation
Galley units can leave coast.

Magna Carta
TR – Democracy
Courthouses now provide culture in addition to normal bonuses.

Manhattan Project


Oracle of Delphi

Oxford University

Red Cross

Scotland Yard


Shakespeare’s Theatre

Silicon Valley

Statue of Liberty


Sydney Opera House

Taj Mahal

Trade Fair of Troyes

Trajan’s Column

United Nations

Universal Healthcare

University of Sankore

World Bank


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