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Civilization Revolution 2 Wiki GuideSid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Wiki & Guide with info on various features and gameplay. Lots of stuff here to help you out and answer those how to questions. Civilization Revolution 2 is developed by 2K Games. It was available on Android November 7, 2014 and iOS July 2, 2014. This app can also be played on the PC and Mac using an emulator like BlueStacks and AndY.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth is the next equal in the Civilization series. Visit the Civilization: Beyond Earth for info and gameplay.

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Achievements – Completing these allows you to unlock art work in the Gallery and gains Medal.

Artifacts – Appear randomly on a map. Gives special bonuses like instant build Wonders and ungraded Units.

Buildings – Can be built in each of your cities and are great for advancement.

Gallery – A collection a art work unlocked by completing Achievements.

Governments – Different paths you can take in game for specific bonuses and buffs. Some have negative effects. Can be changed throughout gameplay of a map.

Great People – Historical figures earned by meeting certain requirements. They and offer special abilities and can have multiple options.

Leaders – Picked at the start of a new games with each having there own advantages. Can not change after starting a map.

Medals – These are unlocked by completing all the Achievements in a category.

Resources – Located on land and water these open up Buildings and Units for production. They can also be used to barter with allies and enemies.

Technologies – Scientific advancements that unlocks Buildings and Units.

Terrain – Different tiles that offer specific resources and effect movement speed.

Units – Movable players that are used to attack, defend, explore, and build new cities.

Upgrades – Different upgrade for Units making them stronger.

Wonders – Inspired by things that have been build in real life. These offer the biggest bonuses of all Building.

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Low Battery – Indicator isn’t triggered causing devices to shutdown without saving when battery runs out.

Over Heating – This game can severely over heat your device with medium to long play times. I would recommend taking breaks every hour or so to prevent damage to your device. Zooming out to see more of the battle field can makes things worse. More powerful devices may have less of an issue. The effect seem to be inconsistent and might be a combination of apps.


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