Nov 252014

Civilization Revolution 2 ResourcesCivilization Revolution 2 ResourcesCivilization Revolution 2 Resources appear all over the map. They are used to build different Units and to Trade with other players. They can also boost earnings in many different areas like Culture and Science. Many of them require a tech before you can see them on the map while need nothing to see. For more info check out the Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Wiki & Guide.

Aluminum – Good for a production bonus.
Need: Mass Production

Cattle – Increase the food supply of a city and growth rate.
Need: Code of Law

Coal – Increases production.
Need: Steam Power

Dye – Helps add trade bonuses to surrounding cities.
Need: Monarchy

Fish – Increases food supply and growth rate.
Need: Bronze Working

Game – Helps raise food production and city growth. Will not help you pick up chicks.
Need: Feudalism

Gems – Earn more gold.
Need: Nothing

Incense – Raise Culture in city.
Need: Ceremonial Burial

Iron – Important for making many mid to late game Units.
Need: Iron Working

Marble – Increase production to complete buildings and Wonders faster.
Need: Masonry

Gold – Good boost to gold income.
Need: Currency

Oak – Increase production to complete buildings faster.
Need: Construction

Oil – Raise production and needed for anything with a motor or engine. Must have for late game gear.
Need: Combustion

Oxen – Production increase.
Need: Horseback Riding

Rubber – A major boost to production and needed for vehicles.
Need: The Automobile

Sulfur – Offers bonuses to production.
Need: Gunpowder

Silk – Increases culture gain.
Need: Literacy

Spice – Provides bonus to local trade when worked by city.
Need: Nothing

Uranium – Lets cities build faster.
Need: Nuclear Power

Whale – Great source of food. Appear on water tile only.
Need: Navigation

Wheat – Good source of food for faster city growth and high population limits.
Need: Irrigation

Wine – Trade bonus that can be put towards gold or science.
Need: Pottery


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