Nov 242014

Civilization Revolution 2 GovernmentsCivilization Revolution 2 Governments can give you an extra boost in a desired area. Some of them have negative effect that might not be worth it. Others are all good with an extra push in the right direction. For more info check out the Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Wiki & Guide.

Governments can help speed up the process of gaining certain Achievements. There are many and will required lots of gameplay.

Temporary changes can be the best way to utilize government. After all don’t politicians flip flop over the place anyhow. Example: Choose Communism for early production bonus then change to something else when you build Temples.

Choosing the correct Leader to compliment your ruling direction can make things flow better together. They can also be used to pick up the slack when it comes to negative effects.

Communism Communism – Increases production, but Temple’s and Cathedrals no longer produce Culture. Good for faster production out of the gate taking a slight hit to Culture.

Tech Needed – Communism

Democracy Democracy – Increases Trade Route output, but can’t start wars. Very good for the passive player. Trade routs are already plentiful making this buff pure goodness.

Tech Needed – Democracy

Despotism Despotism – Use nukes without culture penalty. It’s still not a good idea to use nukes. There are many other ways to defeat your enemy.

Tech Needed – None

Fundamentalism Fundamentalism – All ground Units gain +1 Attack, but Libraries and Universities stop producing Science.

Tech Needed – Religion

Monarchy Monarchy – Palaces produce double Culture. Best to build Palaces as soon as possible to maximize the benefits.

Tech Needed – Monarchy

Republic Republic – Settlers cost 1 citizen instead of 2. A good skill without negative effects. Helps your capital grow faster in the beginning while produce the must have Settlers.

Tech Needed – Code of Laws


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