Nov 232014

Civilization Revolution 2 Artifacts are found while exploring a new map. They appear randomly though maps can be played again for predictable results. To gains it’s benefit you only need to move onto it’s tile location with any unit. For more info check out the Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Wiki & Guide.

Finding Artifacts early is a great way to get an advantage over competition and achieve certain victories. Since there random and not very reliable finding an Artifact can change your play style dramatically. When you find something good you can wait to build more cities or units that will get the bonus. Surrounding Artifacts with units is a way to block players from grabbing it and saving it for later.

Saving at the beginning of a new map is a great way to locate them easy on the next playthrough. This tactic is also good for replaying maps with goods placement and replay value. Or maybe you’d like to try it over because of to many mistakes. Being able to adapt to many situations will make you a better player. Replaying maps can make perfectionism a little soft.

Angkor WatAngkor Wat – Build a Wonder instantly in one of your cities. You’ll get to choose where you would like the Wonder built after claiming.

Ark of the Covenant Ark of the Covenant – Builds a Temple in every city. Cities with Temples get Church’s. Good way to start Culture Victory.

Court of CamelotCourt of Camelot – All Horsemen turn into Knights. You can save this after it’s found and build up a bunch of Horsemen, change them all to Knight, then kill something.

Great Sphinx Great Sphinx – Given the choice to change to any Government regardless of requirements. This can help a bunch in the beginning I you know what you want.

Knights Templar Knights Templar – Acquire an immensely powerful unit. Gives great advantage to Conquest victory. The earlier you find this the better. Too early and you can walk around and destroy tons.

Lost City of Atlantis Lost City of Atlantis – Unlocks multiple Technologies at once. A huge leap forward, though the randomness make it less useful.

Pharaoh's Needle Pharaoh’s Needle – Gain access to an advanced Technology. Choose something big like powerful units and top tier Wonders.

School of ConfuciusSchool of Confucius – Receive a hand full of great people. All kinds of good thing will come from this. Great folks offer 2 benefits each making them twice as valuable.

Seven Cities of Gold Seven Cities of Gold – Receive a large amount of gold. Great for purchasing things when needs and winning an Economic victory.

Terracotta Army Terracotta Army – All units receive Scout upgrade. This will let everyone see 1 tile further helpful for avoid pre-emptive attacks.

Tesla's Peace Ray Tesla’s Peace Ray – End all wars that are currently in progress. Good to save for when your in trouble and things have hit the fan.

Tower of Babel Tower of Babel – Get in contact with every Civilization on the map. Good for making long range deals and coops with others.


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