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Civilization Revolution 2 AchievementsCivilization Revolution 2 Achievements are unlocked and tallied up after completing a map. For more info check out the Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Wiki & Guide.



Aye Captain – Accumulation 100 Warrior built.
Bloodthirst – Start a war with another civilization.
More men, More Power – Form your first army.
Here Ends the Noble Savage – Raze 100 Barbarian Camps.
Command then Conquer – Conquer 100 Cities.
Have Fun Storming the Castle – Win a Domination Victory.
Kamikaze Attack – Attack and kill an Enemy Unit using a damaged Japanese Unit with only 1 HP remaining.
Whack a Mole – Find and kill an enemy Spy with you own spy.
Armed and Dangerous – Earn a unit upgrade in combat.
Attention – Build your first unit.
First Blood – Win your first battle.
Surf & Turf – Win a battle utilizing naval support.
The Will to Win – Win 20 battles with one unit.
Espionage – Infiltrate an enemy City with a Spy.
Fall Out – Use a Nuclear Missile.
Maiden Voyage – Build your first Aircraft Carrier.


The Great Leap – Rush 100 times.
The Road of All Evil – Develop a City to produce 200 gold per turn.
What is the City but the People – Grow  a City to size 20.
The Banker’s Hour – Gain 1,000,000 Gold.
A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned – Win an Economic Victory.
Silk Road – Obtain gold with a Caravan.
Full Steam Ahead – Earn Gold by trade with a Super Tanker.


Lesson 1 – Research your first technology.
Science Maniac – Fully explore the Tech Tree.
You won the Space Race – Launch Spaceship before 1960′s.
Organized Knowledge – Develop a City to produce 200 science per turn.
Ideas Control the World – Win a Science Victory.
Purchasing Secrets – Buy a technology from another civilization.
Arms Dealer – Sells a technology to another civilization.


Good Afternoon, Doctor Jones – Discover an ancient artifact.
Marco Polo – Be the first to explore and uncover 1000 tiles.
Cultural Revolution – Use cultural influence to flip 100 Cities into your control.
Head Hinter – Kidnap 20 Great People.
A Revolution of Man – Win a Culture Victory.
All Roads Lead to Rome – Build roads connecting 6 Cities to Rome playing with the Roman Civilization.
The Power of Great People – Use a Great Person’s ability.


The Taste of Failure – First game lost.
Trotsky or Stalin – Lose a game with Lenin as leader.
You are a Mayor – Settle your first city.
Great Leaders – Achieve all victory types with all Civilizations.
Hasty Manner – Achive any victory type before 1500 AD.
Power of Juche Ideology – Win with only one City on at least King difficulty.
A Knight Without Fear or Blame – Win a Culture Victory as the Arabs, with the Hanging Gardens Wonder.
Flower and Song – Win a Culture Victory as the Aztecs, with the Cristo Redentor Wonder.
Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom – Win a Culture Victory as The Chinese, with the Great Wall Wonder.
I will Not Be Triumphed – Win a Culture Victory as The Egyptians, with the Great Pyramid Wonder.
One Mistress and No Master – Win an Economy Victory as The English, with the East India Company Wonder.
Imagination Rules the World – Win a Culture Victory as The French, with the Eiffel Tower Wonder.
Blood and Iron – Win a Domination Victory as The Germans, with the Military-Industrial Complex Wonder.
A Short Life of Glory -  Win a Culture Victory as the Greeks, with the Colossus of Rhodes Wonder.
An Indomitable Will – Win a Culture Victory as The Indians, with the Taj Mahal Wonder.
Victory Over Lesser Men – Win a Domination Victory as The Japanese, with the Himeji Samurai Castle Wonder.
All Others Must Fail – Win a Domination Victory as The Mongolians, with the Great Wall Wonder.
Veni Vidi Vici – Win a Culture Victory as The Romans, with the Leonardo’s Workshop Wonder.
A Great Wind is Blowing – Win a Domination Victory as The Russians, with the Manhattan Project Wonder.
Fair and Softly Goes Far – Win a Culture Victory as The Spanish, with the Lighthouse of Alexandria Wonder.
We the People – Win a Science Victory as The Americans, with the SETI Wonder.
This World is a Harsh Place – Win Culture Victory as The Zulus, with the University of Sankore Wonder.
Style of Gangnam – Win a Science Victory as The Koreans, with the Highspeed Broadband Wonder.
Hall of Fame – Have all Great People appear.
Revolution – Change Governments.
Comintern – Adapt a Communist government with Lenin as leader.


Defeat 10 Barbarian Camps – free army of Knights.
Form 9 Armies of Knights – 1 free Tank unit.
Acquire all 7 upgrades to 1 unit, which is not an army – Turns this unit into an Army.
Capture 10 Enemy Cities – 1 Great General appears.
Defeat 20 Enemy Units – 1 Great General appears.
Activate Naval Support 10 Times – 1 free Battleship unit.
Reach 20 population at 5 Cities – 200 gold.
Reach 100+ Production in 5 Cities – 250 gold.
Build 10 Caravans and have them visit other Civs – 100gold.
Start researching Future Tech by 2100AD – -10 Production to build each Spaceship Module.
Buy 10 Techs from other Civs – Acquire an advanced technology.
Make 5 Great Scientists appear – Acquire an advanced technology.
Build all Spaceship Modules – -100 Science for Future Technology.
Use Culture to Flip 8 Cities – A band of Great People appears.
Discover all Artifacts in a single game – Increase your Civilization’s Culture.
Build Cathedrals in 10 Cities – Increase your Civilization’s Culture.
Use Spies to kidnap 8 Great People – Greatly increases your Civilization’s Culture.
Build 10 Wonders in a single game – Greatly increases your Civilization’s Culture.


So it Begins – Collect 1 Piece of Civilopedia Artwork.
Civilopedia 1st Edition – Collect 10 Pieces of Civilopedia Artwork.
Civilopedia2nd Edition – Collect 20 Pieces of Civilopedia Artwork.
Civilopedia 3rd Edition – Collect 30 Pieces of Civilopedia Artwork.
Civilopedia Collector’s Edition – Collect all Pieces of Civilopedia Artwork.
Credits to You! – View the Credits from start to finish.


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