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Sid Meiers Civilization Beyond Earth WikiSid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth Wiki with a growing database of info from Guides to Tips. Civilization: Beyond Earth was released on October 24, 2014 for Windows with Linux and OS X next in line. This is a brand new adventure from Sid Meier’s and not an update for a past title.

Many familiar things made the jump with lots of new content from wildlife to resources. I have to say this game has really expanded my consciousness on what is possible. This game feels like it would semi resemble a real scenario.

Civilization: Beyond Earth Wiki

Tips Tricks Hints & Cheats

Bookmark – Save on the first move so you can replay the map in the future.

Energy – In Beyond Earth Energy is the equivalent of Gold and can be spend to purchase Units, Buildings, Land. Using Energy to purchase Productions buffs in new cities can increase efficiency early. Purchase Units when things try to fight you when your guards down.

Production – Choosing options to increase Production early can give you a great advantage over others. To maximize potential when starting out choose the following options in the Setup Game starting options:

Designate Sponsor, Pan-Asian Cooperative – +10% Production towards Wonders and +25% Worker speed.
Colonist, Engineers – +2 Production in every City.
Spacecraft, Continental Surveyor – Reveal Coasts on Map. Has great long term advantage for exploration.
Cargo, Machinery – Begin with a Worker unit.
Planet, Choose map for desired location.

Research & Technology Skill Tree Picture – Here’s a picture of Research aka Technology. An update is coming with much more data included.

Sid Meiers Civilization Beyond Earth Technology Research Skill Tree

Safety – Save often by reducing Auto Saves for every turn with 20+ kept. This will make sure you can go back when you make a huge mistake on a great game.

Start by Water – When setting up a game select ? to always have a water first city landing option.

Trade Convoy – One of the most important vehicle in the game for buffs. Can travel over land and water linking with neighbors for certain gain in Production, Food, Culture, Science, and more. Unlock with the Habitation>Pioneering. Roads will speed up their travel.


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This Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth Wiki can be updated daily so check back often.


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