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Sid Meiers Civilization Beyond Earth ResourcesSid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth Resources guide with all info and user experience. The are many things that can improve Resources making there small contribution much greater. To harvest each resource and take advantage of its benefits you’ll need the appropriate Technology.

When starting out you should scout ahead a try to find as many different Strategic Resources as possible before other NPC’s take them. It’s not that hard to find them all and the benefits will be well worth it depending on your goals.

Check out the Civilization: Beyond Earth Wiki for more info.

Civilization: Beyond Earth Resources

Name/Yields/Improved by/Revealed by

Basic Resources

AlgaeAlgae 1 Food – Habitation>Planetary Survey: (Work Barge)

BasaltBasalt 1 Production – Quarry
Grassland, Plains, Desert, Tundra, Hill

ChitinChitin 1 Food – Paddock
Grassland, Plains, Desert, Forest, Hill

CopperCopper 1 Energy
Grassland, Plains, Desert, Tundra, Hill

CoralCoral 1 Culture – Habitation>Planetary Survey: (Work Barge)

FiberFiber 1 Production – Plantation
Grassland, Plains, Desert

FruitFruit 1 Food – Plantation
Grassland, Plains, Forest

FungusFungus 1 Food – Plantation
Found on most movable land terrain

GoldGold 1 Culture – Mine
Grassland, Plains, Desert, Hill

ReslinReslin 1 Production – Paddock

SilicaSilica 1 Science – Mine
Plains, Desert, Tundra, Hill

TubersTubers 1 Food – Plantation
Desert, Forest, Tundra

Strategic Resources

These appear in your overhead menu when you have the Technology to see it. Firaxite & Floatstone are visible from the beginning. Initially you only get the Strategic Resource. You can invest in Technologies and complete Quests for extra bonuses.

FiraxiteFiraxite No Yield – Robotics: (Firaxite Mine)
Grassland, Plains, Desert, Forest, Marsh, Tundra, Snow, Hill

FloatstoneFloatstone No Yield – Terraforming: (Floatstone Quarry)
Plains, Desert, Tundra, Hill

GeothermalGeothermal 2 Energy – Geophysics: (Geothermal Well), Revealed by Geophysics
Grassland, Plains, Tundra

PetroleumPetroleum No Yield – Chemistry: (Petroleum Well), Revealed by Chemistry
Coast, Desert, Marsh, Tundra, Snow

TitaniumTitanium No Yield Р(Mine), Revealed by Engineering
Grassland, Plains, Desert, Tundra, Snow, Hill

XenomassXenomass No Yield – Alien Science: (Xenomass Well) and (Alien Nest)
Grassland, Plains, Marsh, Hill

Artifact Resources

You must use an Explorer unit to gain the treasure of the following Resources. Virtues>Prosperity>(Pathfinders) will increase the amount of locations an Explorer can visit from 1 to 4.

All Artifacts are located in the same areas which include: Grassland, Plains, Desert, Forest, Marsh, Tundra, Snow, Hill.

Alien SkeletonAlien Skeleton No Yield – Expedition Site


Crashed SatelliteCrashed Satellite No Yield – Expedition Site


Derelict SettelmentDerelict Settlement No Yield – Expedition Site


Progenitor RuinProgenitor Ruin No Yield – Expedition Site


Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats

Cloning – If you leave space open around certain Resources they can multiply. This can be great for upgrading tiles that don’t have much benefit. List includes Floatstone

Official Wiki – You can find a ton more information by visiting the official Civilization: Beyond Earth Resources page. Be sure to check us out as we always have different stuff to offer.


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