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City Island 2 Wiki Guide HelpThis City Island 2: Building Story Wiki & Guide has various info and help. City Island 2 is a simulation game free to play developed by Sparkling Society. It has many similar elements in other city builders like placing roads and making sure everything has power. This wiki is updated regularly so check back often for new content.

So far this app is in kind of a development stage with little things here and there being corrected with updates. There is however a complete game with tons to do. As you level up new buildings and decorations will unlock to help you earn more cash and experience. Remember to build all type of transportation like roads, rails, canals, and walkways. The citizens using these will offer cash, smiles, and gifts that will give a good boost to production and moving forward.

City Island 2 Wiki Guide

Friend Codes – You’ll be asked to enter these in the beginning of the game for extra bonus cash. Must be acquired from other players

Gift Codes List – These are obtained from social media and special offers for extra cash and gold.

Power Guide


Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats

Water Resort


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So far this game has many glitches that folks are complaining about. Many of them can be corrected by restarting the app like freezing menu are anything acting out of the ordinary.

One of the biggest issues is power. There isn’t a clear correlation between demand and current production. Your only choice is to build power plants until every thing is happy. It would be more helpful instead of a % if they listed a usage/total or 100/150. Restarting the app can also force things to work properly. If you think you should have way more power than you do and building say they don’t have any, restart. If problem persist build more plants.

I’m sure many of the glitches will by fixed in time as their other games are a ton of fun.

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