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City Island 2 Tips Tricks Hints CheatsBelow is a growing list of City Island 2 Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Cheats. Feel free to post anything you’ve found in the comments below. For more info check out our City Island 2 Wiki & Guide for help.

There are still many glitches to be worked out. If you have any problems or things don’t seems right restarting the app will usually fix things.

Tips, Tricks, Hints, & Cheats

Friend Codes - By far one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn cash. Each Friend Code you put in will get you 5,000 cash and can only be used once. It can how ever be shared with everyone an infinite amount of times.

Instant Build – With this cheat you can complete buildings right away without spending currency. To do so you’ll have to set the clock ahead on your device. You may also need to close the app before hand.

No Ads – With this tip you can turn of ads by disconnecting from the internet. Some function require a WiFi connection though like Friend Codes and social media options.

Power - Not knowing how much power you need is something you’ll deal with the whole game. At the moment it seems a little on the glitched side. First of all a power plant the supplies 70 power doesn’t seem to be enough for 3 building that require 8 each. So the number on plants and buildings doesn’t seem to mean the same thing. The % meter on the side also doesn’t help for really anything, unless your replacing power plants, then you’ll no what you had before and can build accordingly.

Things seem to be not working properly and require an app restart sync things up correctly. This should be done first before going on a building and upgrading rampage. After that you really have no choice but to continuously build until you have enough power.

Red Money – This appears over businesses that produce cash and hints when there is still room for employees. When workers are maxed out the cash turns green.

Transportation – You should make sure to build every type of transportation ways like roads, walk ways, canals, and railroads. The citizens traveling on these will give you cash, experience, smiles, gifts, and advice on what to do next. Smiles and gifts count towards large bonuses of cash and gold and are one of the quickest ways to ear in game currency. The trick to getting better rewards from citizens is to have longer roads, walk ways, canals, and railroads. Railroads pay out each time they stop at the train station and is directly related to how far they traveled.

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