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City Island 2 Power GuideA City Island 2 Power Guide to help you make sense of things. Power is needed for every building in the game. You can place a power plant anywhere on the map and electricity will count towards all buildings. You don’t have to connect power lines or roads like other city simulators. Every building will say how much is needed to run it and this goes directly with the output number of a plant.

At first things can seem pretty confusing and almost like things are broken. In a way the app is broken and in need of an update which will probably be along soon. For now you will have to exit the app and re-enter to sync the network. Until you do buildings will have a lightning bolt showing that they are not powered when in facts there is enough power. So, after upgrading and putting up new building you’ll have to re-start the game to make things right. Bull dozing plants can also cause the game to go hey wire requiring a restart as well.

Power plants can be upgraded a total of 10 times to increase there output. A good tip is to build a new one rather than upgrading though. There are only 6 different plants available in the game. There are spread pretty far apart level wise so you should make the most of what you have. There is no limit to how many you can have so you can build out rather than up which is more costly.

The % meter they have on the right side of the screen gives you an idea of where your at or what you need. Over 100% means you have enough to power every building. Under 100% means you need more. They could have used something like “100 (used)/150 (available)” to show usage, but this works too.

For more info check out our City Island 2 Wiki & Guide for help.

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