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City Defense - Brave Trials Wiki GuideCity Defense is unlocked at level 40. There can be a total of 4 players participating at one time and you’ll get 3 attempts per day. When you enter there will be 4 cities each with there own difficulty. It’s recommend to choose one according to your power level. Once the match has started players will be randomly placed around the map. Monster will then appear randomly heading for the crystal. You have to fight and defeat the monsters before they destroy the crystal completely.

You win when you kill all of the monsters withing the time limit. You will loose if all players die, monster aren’t killed within the time limit, or the crystals HP reaches zero. Rogues should avoid using the invisibility skill monster will walk past you to the alter.

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Its recommended to have 130k+ PWR and be over Lv40 to not be kicked from every game you try to join. 200k PWR is good for farming. You should be 70-80k PWR above the requirements to be able to stop the waves of monster without to much trouble. Finding friend on the Brave Trials Forum and in game is a great way to build a productive party.

Some players report crashing issues and are advised to update there app to the latest version. For others, backing up there data and re-installing the apps does the trick. This is weird as I cant even play unless I’m using the latest version. So it sounds like different locations or dives don’t have to upgrade when one hits Google Play.

I think it’s unanimous to say that this is the least liked feature in Brave Trials due to crashing issues and unrealistic expectations. Then again it’s good to have something for high level players to work towards. Star levels will increase your success here, though most players wont have this advantage due to lack of funds and hacking ability.

City Defense

Rewards – The Grade 15 equipment shards that you can get by completing City Defense are for some of the strongest items in the game. These thing will increase your power far beyond your lower quality gear.

City Defense Rewards

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