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Chance - Minute Quest SkillsWith Chance the damage you deal depends on Luck. I’m not exactly sure what the damage to luck ratio is and if its better. This could be great for people wanting to put a ton of stats into Luck for drops. It might be even better for attack strength too.

Luck doesn’t have to be invested in too much in order to get a good drop rate. With about 1000 luck and some good TreaUp sets you can get Monsters to drop treasure and Pets with about a 1in 15 chance. The rate seems to get better as you level up.

This game takes too long to complete. I wish I could magically max out a new character stats without spending a life time doing it. I’m really curious to know how a lot of these skill do in the long run. Spending another huge chunk of time to know this does seem very appetizing.

Visit our Minute Quest Skills & Sets and Wiki for more info.

Chance Sets

Chance, Mach Hit, Lucky = Pencil, Swindler, Dethroot
Chance, DeathMarch, Lucky = Pencil, Swindler, Zomble
Chance, ExpUp20, Lucky = Pencil, Swindler, Skellior
Chance, Mach Hit, Lucky = Pencil, Swindler, Pokey
Chance, SuperMach, Lucky = Pencil, Swindler, Pokeking
Chance, AccUp20, Exp Farmer = Pencil, Swindler, BlackCat
Chance, TreaUp30, Lucky = Pencil, Swindler, Mimic
Chance, Devil Lucky = Stungun, Prisoner, Deathgod
Chance, Devil Lucky = Stungun, Prisoner, BlackCat
Chance, Recovery10 = Stungun, Prisoner, ZapGolem
Chance, Luck Up = Stungun, Prisoner, Flyme

Chance Weapon & Armor Combos

These are all of the Weapons and Armor combos for the Chance skill without a pet. You can change the pet with the combinations below to find other sets that I have not listed above. Though there are very few options this skill shows up a lot in the second and third slot with other sets.

Pencil + Swindler, Has the Lucky skill also which works well with Chance. Offense and defense will both be determined by your luck stat.

Stungun + Prisoner

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