Feb 242015
Trivia Crack Achievements

Trivia Crack Achievements area way to earn extra rewards like in games currency. Achievements are also a nice way to work towards something else besides consistent unchanging gameplay. Some of them are very easy to complete only requiring a few actions to get things done. Others will seem out of reach and almost unobtainable. The [...]

Jan 302015
Trivia Crack for Computer PC Mac

Trivia Crack can be played on the Computer, PC, and Mac using emulators. Right now there are only really 2 good ones that work. BlueStacks would probably be the better working choice. While AndY is a completely free version with slightly less capabilities. Visit our Trivia Crack Wiki & Guide for more info. Tips For [...]

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Jan 162015
Trivia Crack Profile Picture Avatar Changing

When first starting out in Trivia Crack you might be wondering how to change your Profile Picture or Avatar. Changing your profile picture is really easy, just attach a Facebook account. Once linked up the pic in Trivia Crack will be the same as your FB picture. Inside the user settings in Trivia Crack there [...]