Jan 152015
Simcity Buildit Best City Layout

If your looking for the Simcity Buildit best layout and best city setup than go no further. To start of this game is not like any other Simcity on the market. I wouldn’t even call it a city simulator. Basically EA is trying to cash in on the build and wait mechanics that plague Android. [...]

Jan 062015
Simcity Buildit Service Medal Awards

Below is a growing list of Service Medals and Service Awards for Simcity Buildit. There also known as City Achievements.  Service Medals and Service Awards can be collected after placing the Mayor’s Mansion at level 6. You’ll know when one has been completed as a animation will pop up on the screen. You’ll then see [...]

Jan 052015
Simcity Buildit How To Make Money

If your wondering hot to make money or SimCash in Simcity Buildit there are 2 ways that I know of. The first and easiest way to make money is to complete City Achievements. Achievement rewards can be collected at the Mayor’s Mansion. You’ll know when ones ready to collect as a medal reward symbol will [...]

Jan 052015
Simcity Buildit Release Date

Simcity Buildit had an early test run Release Date in Canada for Android on October 22, 2014. It was then released in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for iOS on October 24, 2014. Finally on December 16, 2014 the rest of the world was met with a Simcity Buildit release date. For more info and [...]

Jan 032015
Simcity Buildit Dr. Vu Tower

Dr. Vu Tower is the best way to earn Golden Keys in Simcity Buildit. When the player has over 90,000 Sims they can spend 60,000 Simoleons to buy the building just outside the city. Once Dr. Vu Tower is opened up Disaster Challenges can be completed to earn about 6-15 keys each challenge. To start [...]

Jan 032015
Simcity Buildit Specializations

Simcity Buildit Specializations are structures that increase the limit of population a city can have. Specializations also make Sims happy which in turn triggers a bubble over buildings that can rewards special items. Out of everything that can be placed Specializations have the least effect on happiness. It’s best to think of all of them [...]

Jan 032015
Simcity Buildit Strategy Guide

A Simcity Builtit Strategy Guide going over the basics and what to look out for. This game is really nothing like other Simcity titles. It’s much more like the mass amount of build and wait type games that have seem to taken over mobile devices. This strategy guide will show you what to look out [...]

Jan 022015
Simcity Buildit Walkthrough

This is a brief Simcity Buildit Walkthrough because there really isn’t much to the game. This walkthrough will go over what the player should do to be successful at everything. Many people starting out my not see it at first, but this Simcity is nothing like the others. I wouldn’t even call it a city [...]