Jan 142015
Castle Defense Wiki Guide

Welcome to the Castle Defense Wiki and Guide! Many may know Castle Defense by it’s old name Castle TD. The developer¬†Elite Games has flip flopped around a little, but seems to have stuck with a good choice. Here you’ll find all kinds of information to give you the edge you need to finish the game [...]

Jan 132015
Hill Climb Racing Wiki Guide

Hill Climb Racing Wiki with Guides and all you need to succeed! This Hill Climb Racing Wiki and Guide can be updated daily so check back in the future. Below is information for different aspects of the game so you can spend your hard earned coins more wisely. After the last update by Fingersoft the [...]

Jan 122015
Hill Climb Racing Moon Lander Guide

Hill Climb Racing Moon Lander Guide with info to consider before purchase. For the most part the Moon Lander isn’t a bad vehicle. When driving on all stages it feels like there’s less gravity with normal use. Can use extra fuel to fly through the sky like an eagle. The below Moon Lander Guide will [...]

Jan 122015
Hill Climb Racing Achievements Guide

A Hill Climb Racing Achievements Guide for Android and iOS. You can find a list of ones that have been completed or need to be by going to More>Achievements from the vehicle select screen. When completing one you’ll get a little pop up on the screen showing the name and picture. No rewards are given [...]

Jan 032015
Simcity Buildit Strategy Guide

A Simcity Builtit Strategy Guide going over the basics and what to look out for. This game is really nothing like other Simcity titles. It’s much more like the mass amount of build and wait type games that have seem to taken over mobile devices. This strategy guide will show you what to look out [...]

Dec 302014
Simcity Buildit Wiki Guide

A growing Simcity Buildit Wiki and Guide. Simcity Buildit is the newest installment of Sim fun. This wiki and guide can be updated daily so check back often. If there is anything you feel should be added to this wiki please let us know in the comments. Simcity Buildit Wiki Guide Content Best Layout Buildings [...]

Dec 152014
World of Cubes Wiki Guide

This is a World of Cubes Wiki and Guide with a growing database of information. A block building game that will keep ya entertained for hours with tons of exploration and creation. Check back often as this World of Cubes Wiki will be updated regularly. Not sure how often they update this title, but hopefully [...]

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