Oct 282014
Beach Buggy Blitz Wiki

Beach Buggy Blitz Wiki for mobile devices and is available for Android on Google Play and for iPhone/iPad/iOS at iTunes. Beach Buggy Blitz is a racer where you earn coins to upgrade different cars, power-ups, one time use items, and for playing with different characters. Beach Buggy Blitz seems to start off slow but unlocks [...]

Oct 272014
Civilization: Beyond Earth Resources

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth Resources guide with all info and user experience. The are many things that can improve Resources making there small contribution much greater. To harvest each resource and take advantage of its benefits you’ll need the appropriate Technology. When starting out you should scout ahead a try to find as many [...]

Oct 262014
Civilization: Beyond Earth Wiki

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth Wiki with a growing database of info from Guides to Tips. Civilization: Beyond Earth was released on October 24, 2014 for Windows with Linux and OS X next in line. This is a brand new adventure from Sid Meier’s and not an update for a past title. Many familiar things [...]

Oct 242014
Zenonia 5 Dark Merchant Items Guide

The Zenonia 5 Dark Merchant has the best gear for purchase with gold in the whole game. When your having a hard time in a location like Boss battles it can’t hurt to roll the dice on your weakest gear. It can get vary expensive late game so save gold for the impossible end boss. Farm [...]

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Oct 232014
Zenonia 5 Boss Guide Paladin Gameplay

A Zenonia 5 Boss Guide and Gameplay for the Paladin with an all STR build. Zenonia 5 bosses can range from easy to holy smokes I have some thinking to do. Below I make sure to show my current stats, skills, and gear so you can better gauge where your at. The best things to [...]

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Oct 172014
Worldcraft 2 Download Free Apk PC Game

Below is a direct Worldcraft 2 Download for Free on Google Drive. As many people know, the Worldcraft 2 apk has been pulled from Google Play. If you were ever wondering if you could play Worldcraft 2 on the PC or Mac I will also show you how to to that below as well using [...]

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Oct 152014
Ace Fishing Lure Guide

There are 18 Ace Fishing Lures including the one with infinite amount. You can also buy and find certain lures during events held at different times of the year. This Ace Fishing Lure Guide will cover the complete list along with the ins and outs. Lures are divided up in to each area giving you [...]

Oct 152014
Ace Fishing Tips Tricks Hints

Below are a bunch of Ace Fishing Tips, Tricks, and Hints to help you out and get you further faster. Boss Strike – Save your best gear for Boss battles. You will need to catch the boss in every area to unlocks quests in next area. If you don’t you could get stuck in a grind [...]