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Castle Clash Best HeroThough all heroes are useful the Castle Clash best hero would have a Legend rank. For me the Druid seems overpowered which makes her my favorite hero.

A healing type can also be very useful for keeping troops alive which can save a ton on training new troops over time.Recruiting new Heroes is random and you will often find yourself with multiple of the same type.

Visit the IGG on Google Play and see what other types of games they have that might peak your interest. Castle clash has been out for awhile and stayed at the top of many Android lists. They have done a great job of adding new content over time after the initial game release date.

Castle Clash Best Hero

Slime – Gives 100 skill exp when sacrificed.
Crystal Ooze – Gives 600 skill exp when sacrificed.
Gelatinous – Gives 3,000 skill exp when sacrificed.

Angel -
Marauder – Tank
Hill Giant – DPS (Melee)
Engineer – Mage
Frost Witch – Mage
Dryad – Mage
Alchemist – Mage
Marksman – DPS (Ranged)

Executioner – Melee
Assassin – Melee
Werewolf – Tank
Cyclops – Melee
Shaman – Mage
Pain-Da – Melee
Serpent Queen – Mage

Legend - Around a 5% chance to get when purchasing with gems.
Paladin – Tank
Champion – Melee
Succubus – Mage
Druid – Healer – Gets the job done and probably the best hero due to being overpowered.
Ninja -
Thundergod -
Spirit Mage -

This post is slightly on the outdated side. Feel free to leave a comments lettings others know of possible new features and improvements. There isn’t much here for information at the moment except some bare minimum to give someone a better idea of what they may be dealing with.

Overall this game can take a very long time to both complete and collect many of the bigger items. Heroes are some of the most sought after things in Castle Clash so you can bet the best ones are going to be harder to get.

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