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Welcome to the Cartoon Wars Blade Guide Wiki! Below you’ll find information on items, weapons, helmets, tips, and more.

Cartoon Wars Blade Guide Wiki

Cartoon Wars Blade Guide Wiki


HP – If you run out of this you will not complete the stage.

Mana – Increases max MP & MP amount.

Crirical – Increases the rate of landing critical hits on your enemies dealing more damage than normal.

Speed – Walk faster.

Lucky – Effects drops rates and other good things.

GP – Increases max GP & GP amount.

AP – Increases Action Points Recovery Speed.

Skill – Raise Skill effect.

Cartoon Wars Blade Help

Short Sword’s

This weapon has short range and fast speed. Upgrade this to use more powerful attack and skills.

Sword: Has average moving and attacking speed.

Double-edged Sword: Inflicts damages with quick consecutive attack.

Pistol Sword: Shoots bullets at the tip of the sword. Very effective to attack enemies in long range.



Long Sword’s

This weapon has long range and slow speed. Upgrade this to use more powerful attack and skills.

Staff: Has slow attacking speed and long range.

Longsword: Has very long range. Prevents enemies’ activities effectively. While you’re equipping this, moving speed will slow down. Be careful.

Magic Staff: Attacks enemies with magic. Mana is required to attack.


Ranged Weapons perform powerful long range attacks using GP. Upgrade the weapon to use more powerful attack and skills.


You may purchase armors to reduce damage from monsters. Upgrading armors is a must in order to face strong enemies.


Arms Mastery (AM): Shows Weapon Mastery levels. With higher AM, you can attack enemies with more creative and powerful consecutive attack.

Gun Point (GP): Shows gauge points of a gun. You canacquire GP from GP Generator or through monsters.

Action Point (AP): Points required to use a short sword and a long sword. Low AP leads to automatic weapon switch.

Cartoon Wars Blade Tips

Upgrade stats in the STATUES menu for more excitement.

Upgrade equipment or purchase next level equipment for more excitement.

Use a unique skill in each weapon for easier gameplay.

Each skill is activated with weapon upgrade.

Attack enemies with spears and grand swords with the same weapons or skills.

You can acquire more Gold and Crystal at the Dungeon which is unlocked after Stage 3.

Long melee weapons can strike enemies far from you. Keep this in mind when letting enemies get too close.


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