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Buff Knight Wiki Guide Help How ToBuff Knight Wiki & Guide with lots of Help to answer those How To’s. Buff Knight is a side scrolling RPG Adventure developed by Buffstudio . It’s available on Android and iOS. You can also you BlueStacks and Andy to play Android apps on you PC and Mac for free.

This app may seem a little basic at first with little to do. After completing the Story Mode however, Endless Mode and Artifacts are unlocked adding tons of replay value. There is only 1 save slot so you can only play one mode at a time.

Wiki Guide Help How To

Artifact – List Guide Strategy

Endless Mode

Story Mode


Endless Mode – This is unlocked after defeating the big red dragon found at the end of Story Mode. Endless is the best place to find Artifacts and they drop 5 or more times in a single run. You start with all stats at 10 and max gear from Story Mode. You can the upgrade stats and equipment even further. Money and gems are gained at a very fast rate. Things can be upgraded further and can get pretty expensive so you’ll need the extra cash.

At certain points during your run you’ll come across yellow torches. These let you take a break, upgrades stats, and purchase better gear.

Story Mode – Complete this to unlock Endless Mode. Keep moving forward until you die. The spend what you earned to increase stats and buy better equipment. After defeating the end boss more game features will open up. Make sure to use your magic a lot. It will prevent HP loss and does big damage to enemies in the air. Equipment will eventually reach a max, but you can re-roll added effects for better results.

Artifacts – You will receive your first one when you defeat the dragon at the end of Story Mode. There are 20 different ones to unlock with some of them gaining levels each one you stack. Others offer a one time bonus that wont increase. These will help out a ton during gameplay with buffs like HP recovery.


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