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Buff Knight Walkthrough Tips StrategyThis is a Buff Knight Walkthrough that will help answers some of those questions. At first you will only be able to play Story Mode. After beating it you will unlock Endless Mode. Both have there own Artifacts that will be obtainable after completing the story once. For more info check out the Buff Knight Wiki.


Story Mode – This is your only option when you first start the game. You will move forward trying to get as far as you can earning gold and crystals for upgrades. When you die you can purchase better stuff and try again. The better the gear you have the stronger monsters will be. So to move forward in Story you have to buy better swords and armor till you’ve maxed everything.

After maxing out your character you will come across a red dragon. To defeat it easy make sure your magic attack is maxed then spam him with lightning. You’ll need a lot of health to defeat the dragon with just physical hits.

Endless Mode – This is unlocked after completing the story once. You will start with max possible stats and equipment found in Story Mode only you can upgrade everything further. Every once in a while you’ll come across torches that let you buy better gear and raise your stats. When you die you’ll have to start all over from the beginning. You can find specific¬†Artifacts in Endless, but you’ll have to complete the story to prime drops in endless. After collection as many Artifacts as possible in a run you have to beat the Story again for a chance for more drops.

There is no end and the goal is to get as far as possible without dying.

Tips & Strategy

Crystals – These can drop from monsters, but mostly drop from chests and fairies.

Fairy – You will hear a sound each time before a fairy appears. When it appears on the screen rapid tap it for tons of cash, potions, crystals, and keys for locked chests. For best results try tapping just in front of it with 2 fingers. You can also slow the game speed down when you hear the sound for better accuracy.

Magic – Use this often to prevent and reduce damage received from enemies. Does extra damage to monsters knocked into the air. Fastest way to defeat mini bosses.

Stats – Increasing your HP first before other stats while make story mode much easier. Next you’ll want to increase magic power, then attack power and finally critical hit rate. This order will let you survive the longest on each run requiring less plays to complete.


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