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Buff Knight Story ModeBuff Knight Story Mode is the first mode you’ll get to play. Complete this to unlock Endless mode and Artifacts. Finishing the Story part is pretty easy. Just keep moving forward and building up stats and equipment. Don’t worry about dying as it’s part of the game. Just keep smashing your way forward until reaching the end Red Dragon.

Don’t bother adding special effects to equipment until you by the last pieces. Gear is replaced pretty fast so it will be wasting gold that could be spent on upgrades. For more info check out our Buff Knight Wiki.

Every once in a while you’ll hear a specific sound that’s alerts to a fairy about to fly by. To get the most out of this situation tap in front of the fairy with 2 fingers close to each other rapidly. This will insure you always hit the small spot on her to produce gems, keys, currency, and potions. Use keys to open treasure chest which contain potions, gems, and currency.

If you wanna make it through the fastest investing in the right stats first is the key. Increase health first and then magic power next when you can. After health is maxed out do the same for magic, then physical damage and critical rate. By raising things in this order dying wont happen as much and further distances can be reached each run.

When you get to the Red Dragon at the end you’ll have the easiest time defeating it if you spam the magic button. The most damage is done while it’s in the air with magic attacks. Act fast and don’t go head to head with physical attacks are it will kill you fast. There is a max to skill level and equipment and it wont be enough even with 30+ HP potions.

Buff Knight Story Mode Intro

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