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Buff Knight Endless ModeEndless Mode is unlocked after completing Story Mode in Buff Knight. Most of the Artifacts can be found in Endless, but require you to complete the Story to trigger them after they stop dropping. When first starting out gear and stats will be the maximum acquired in Story Mode. From there it can get pretty expensive upgrading things. Luckily monster give out much more currency keeping the rate of upgrading constant.

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There is no end in Endless Mode and the whole purpose is to travel as far as possible. Along the way you’ll come across torches that will fill HP and MP up. This is why waiting to the last minutes is advised for healing cause a torch might be right around the corner for a free refill. It will also allow you to invest acquired gems in stats and purchase new equipment.

The furthest I’ve made it was around 10,000 meters. After that monsters get ridiculously hard to defeat. They go down easy, but deal massive damage making progression almost impossible. The key to making it as far as possible is to equip good Artifacts. Ones that stack will offer the best benefits once they are leveled up a bit. After gaining the 4 Artifacts by defeating the Red Dragon they will drop much more regularly here.

Id have to say it’s pretty unbalanced as of now. I always die with 30+ keys that I never even get a chance to use. The monster get horribly tough pretty much stopping you in your tracks. I know the developer wants this thing to go viral, but he’ll have to add more content for that to happen I’m guessing.

For the most part this app is quick and easy to complete. Once you unlock all the collectable there isn’t really much to do anymore besides trying to inch your way just a little bit further.

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