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Buff Knight Artifact List Guide StrategyA Buff Knight Artifact List & Guide. To unlock the use of Artifacts you’ll have to defeat the red dragon at the end of Story Mode. Doing so will get you your first Artifact and open up the option to choose one before a game. There are 14 common (14 in Story and Endless) and 6 rare. Common can be found by just playing like normal. The rare ones are a little more tricky and require certain conditions to be met.  For more info check out the Buff Knight Wiki.

You will also unlock Endless Mode after the dragon and can get a few Artifacts there as well. You can get 4 guaranteed drops from the dragon end boss.

When you choose an Artifact to play with in any mode you will not be able to change in game. To change exit to menu after dying the select continue. You can equip 2 in Story and 3 in Endless.

There are 2 types. One that has an unchanging buff and others that can be leveled up for better stats.

None Leveling

Mana Marble – Mana regen +30%. Defeat dragon for the 3rd time.

Mushroom of Life – Max Health +30%. First Dragon defeat.

Mushroom of Mana – Raise max MP by 30%.

Eye of Treasure Hunter – Gold earned +30%. Second Dragon defeat.


Some of these will level up while some will stay at Level 1 and never increase.

Feather of Griffin – Stacks, 20% chance of knock back on critical strikes. Found in Endless Mode.

Ring of Health – Stacks, 5% chance to recover 10% HP when a monster is killed. Found in Endless Mode.

Ring of Mana – 10% chance to recover 100% mana.

Spell Book of Recluse – Stacks, 10% for magic attack to cost o MP.

Candlestick of Luck – Treasure box reward +20%

Lamp of Magic – 15% chance to explode monster when killed. Slash damage hurt surrounding monsters. Found in Endless Mode.


To gain the rare Artifacts you must beat the Dragon once. Then you get a clue at the bottom of your beat game results page.

1. When the games background is a night sky you should tap the glowing start.

2. Perform a 10 hit combo without dying.

3. Skull Ring – +20% Critical chance. Touch 10 wooden barrel in a row while avoiding jars. You will hit jars automatically just make sure not to tap them with your finger on purpose.

4. Kill a Pharaoh in mid air. They look like mummies with golden head pieces.

5. Necklace of Defense – Defense +30%. Beat Story twice, then skip 10 chests and open the 11th one.

6. Magic Book – Magic attack +30%. Use a potion when you have full health and the background is raining.

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