Nov 092014

Bubble Witch Saga 2 Level 55Level 55 walkthrough and help for Bubble Witch Saga 2 below. A good rule of thumb for challenging encounters is to always try your best and keep moving forward.

For more info visit the Bubble Witch Saga 2 Wiki.

Level 55 – Walkthrough & Help

Level 55
Goal: Clear The Top
Obstacles: Shadow Bubbles – break from above to drop.

Strategy: At the very start try and move your way up one side and work on the other with misc orbs. Take advantage of big combos by waiting to drop orbs into hot pots and be aware of them so you can work towards them and remove when necessary. The top is only 1 row above what you can see in the beginning so there’s not much distance to go. What can make this level hard would be a lack of good combos and barriers that go up the middle with small pockets on each side.

When loosing a lot just keep trying your best, eventually you’ll get the right color set up to complete it. Many stages are rigged to be intentionally more difficult than the rest in hopes that you’ll through some money at it.

3 Stars: Try to continuously make combinations so bugs appear and to trigger a Hot Pot for massive points. When getting your far left bug you can sometimes drop bubbles that will get stuck between it and the wall racking up big points fast and easy.



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