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Bubble Witch Saga 2 DownloadBelow are the official Bubble Witch Saga 2 Download links on Google Play and iTunes which are always up to date and virus free. Bubble Witch Saga 2 is a casual puzzle game where you’ll need to fire bubbles at different angles to make matches and complete different objectives. For more info visit the Bubble Witch Saga 2 Wiki.

When you fail to finish a stage by running out of ammo you will loose 1 of 5 hearts which each take 30 minutes to regenerate or require your to ask friends on social, unless you used the cheat with the link above so you can replenish all your hearts immediately so you can play as long as you would like.

Bubble Witch Saga 2

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3 Stars – Reach a high enough score to grab all the stars for each stage. These are only used for personal achievement and wont unlock anything. Seems like a perfectly good waste of star power to me.

Bonus Bugs – When you make matches continuously little spiders will appear on the board. When you drop orbs on top of them they will produce extra points that go towards your score.

Hot Pot – When you make enough matches the pots will start to flame up and boil. Points are drastically increased making this a must in many stages for achieving a big score for max stars. It’s best to look ahead and anticipate this so you can maximize the situation.

Boosters - These are special powers you can use during gameplay to help you out in tricky situations.

Variety of Gameplay – There are many different challenges with increasing levels of difficulty.

New Content – King is regularly updating this app with new features and more stages so check back for new things every once in a awhile.

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