Nov 092014

Bubble Witch Saga 2 CheatBubble Witch Saga 2 Cheats are hard to come by, but here’s one that will keep you gaming for hours. Please remember to feed your kids. Normally you would have to wait 30 minutes or ask people on social to regenerate your hearts after loosing them from failed attempts at stages.

When playing on Android, not confirmed on iOS and Facebook platforms yet, you can go into Settings, then Date & time and move the time ahead to trick the app into thinking you really waited. For more info visit the Bubble Witch Saga 2 Wiki.

Bubble Witch Saga 2 Cheats

Now you can play continuously by moving things forward whenever you need a recharge. You can switch quickly between the app and settings menu without needing to close or restart anything. This is a common tip used to fool apps that have restrictions on allowed play periods. On other games you may actually have to close what your playing, then make changes and reopen again to apply the move forward.

Once you reach the end on the day when changing things forward you’ll have to actually move the day up by 1 otherwise the heart counter will show a very large amount needed until next heart. A good way around this is to just move the day and leave the hours alone. Eventually you’ll have to move the year up by 1 also, then you can continue with days again.

To reset your clock back to normal check the box again next to Automatic Network and connect to the internet via WiFi and other means. Once you do reset everything back to normal your gonna have to move things as far into the future as you had them before if you want to play from where you left off.

Bugs & Small Spaces – The video below shows how to get bubbles stuck between the wall and bugs that are close to it.



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