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Brave Trials WalkthroughBelow is a Walkthrough for Brave Trials which is a mobile game developed by IGG.COM and is available on Android and iOS. This game consist of mostly dungeons that need to be completed to advance in the story. Each dungeon or trial will reward you based on you finishing time with 1-3 stars. The better you do the better chance you have to get rare equipment.

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There are 2 types of dungeons. The first are Trials (Blue Portal) which will mostly have normal enemies with a boss here and there. The next are Elite Dungeons (Yellow Portal) which will always have a boss at the end and can be considerably more difficult.

Auto – Each dungeon can be played automatically with you having to do anything. To do this tap the AUTO button in the upper right of your screen while in a dungeon. To cancel the effect tap the button again, tap the screen, or use the directional joy stick. This is a great way to find your way around when not sure which direction to go.

Auto Combat – This is a feature that will play a dungeon over and over without you having to do anything. The stamina cost is the same and you can only do this a certain amount of times per day. Instead of tapping Enter at the select screen tap Auto to the left. You must have gotten at least 1 star on a dungeon before you can use this feature.

Stamina – When you enter a trial you will use 5 stamina. When you run out you can’t enter any trials. It will recover by 5 every 30 minutes automatically for free. You can also refill it by small amount when participating in the Arena.

For 50 Gems you can restore it by 100 once a day. To do this simply tap you Stamina meter next to your characters picture in the upper left corner of the screen. Events can also be completed at 9-11am and 6-8pm for 40 Stamina points each.

Trial Grade Reward – These are items that you get for free once you earn the required amount of stars in the given area. When you are eligible for these gifts you’ll see a button appear on the right side of your screen in town. You can view these at any time by entering the Trails menu (Blue Portal in town) and tapping the Trial Grade Reward button at the bottom. These are not available for the Elite Dungeons.

Trial Grade Reward

Brave Trials Walkthrough – 3 Stars

Trials – Yellow Portal

Brave Trials

Enchanted Forest 1
Enchanted Forest 2
Enchanted Forest 3
Enchanted Forest 4
Vine Cave 1
Vine Cave 2
Vine Cave 3
Vine Cave 4
Merce Mountains 1
Merce Mountains 2
Merce Mountains 3
Merce Mountains 4
Ridge Mines 1
Ridge Mines 2
Ridge Mines 3
Ridge Mines 4
Ridge Mines 5
Ridge Mines 6
Desert Valley 1
Desert Valley 2
Desert Valley 3
Desert Valley 4
Shade Forest 1
Shade Forest 2
Shade Forest 3
Shade Forest 4
Shade Forest 5
Desert Oasis 1
Desert Oasis 2
Desert Oasis 3
Desert Oasis 4
Desert Oasis 5
Desert Oasis 6
Oasis Cave 1
Oasis Cave 2
Oasis Cave 3
Oasis Cave 4
Oasis Cave 5
Oasis Cave 6
Scorched Plains 1
Scorched Plains 2
Scorched Plains 3
Scorched Plains 4
Scorched Plains 5
Scorched Plains 6

Elite Dungeons – Blue Portal

Brave Trials Elite Dungeons

Enchanted Forest 4
Vine Cave 4
Merce Mountains 4
Ridge Mines 6

Desert Oasis 6

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