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Brave Trials Star LevelStar Levels are a way to earn extra bonuses in Brave Trials. The only way to increase your star level that I know of is to buy gems with real money. There may be events and special offers once in awhile to increase it without using real money, but so far I have seen none. You’ll have to purchase more gems then before for each level you upgrade.

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Star Benefits

8 Day Gift – These are free gifts you retrieve for logging in each day. You don’t have to log in each day consistently like the daily rewards. You Star level will determine what kind of extras you can claim each day. They include gems, gold, equipment, keys, upgrade stones, and you’ll always get Crestfallen Shards. If you are on your 7th day reward and increase your star level you can go back to the past days to claim the rewards. You can view the current rewards anytime by tapping the 8-Day Gift button on the bottom right of your screen in any town.

Day 8 Rewards Brave Trials

Star Pack – These can be purchased with gems and offer a large amount of gold and many other items. They are located in the Mall under the Star Exclusive tap. You can buy the first one with 0 stars, but you have to increase you star level to obtain the rest. You can often find these on sale up to 90% off. If there is no sale you might want to wait and save gems.

Star Packs Brave Trials

Growth Pack – These are used to invest gems in and have the earning grow with you character level. This is a full proof way to earn gems, though it can take time to get you return investment. Must be Star Lv 2+ in order to purchase with gems.

Growth Pack Brave Trials

Dual Cards – These allow you to be challenged and challenge others once you’ve hit your daily limit. You will be able to purchase more of these each day the higher your lv is.

Refresh Bazaar – With each level increase you’ll be able to change the item in the Bazaar more each day. This store will often have things you already have or things your not looking for. Being able to refresh the list of goods is helpful for fast progression through the game.

Gold Treasure Boxes – You will be able to purchase more of these each day the higher your level is. You will still need to have gold keys to unlock them though.

Brave Trials Star Level Rewards Benefits

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