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Brave Trials ClassesThere are 3 different classes to choose from in Brave Trials. You can be a Fighter, Mage, and Rogue each with there own male and female version. Gender does nor effect stats, only looks. Each class starts with 3 skill and will obtain another at level 15, 20, and 30.

Select your class and name carefully as right now there is no way to delete it once you’ve made it. To make more than 5 you’ll have to start them on a different server. For more info that may or may not be helpful check out our How To Delete a Character post.

Visit our Brave Trials Wiki & Guide for more info.


Ffighter Class

This class is great for beginners because of it’s high defense and HP. You’ll be able to stay in the fray longer and require less healing.

Because of it’s high defense your damage out put is a little on the slow side. This can be a problem when trying to get 3 stars on mission. Though it can be over come by leveling and replaying areas.

Blazing Rush Lv1 - Move towards the closest enemy, damaging all nearby enemies. Will simply dash forward when there are no foes.
Blaze Burner Lv1 – Attack enemies in front of you in a widening path.
Fiery Whirlwind Lv1 – Attack nearby foes with a whirlwind of blades. While spinning you can move around.
Steel Barricade Lv15 – Raises DEF for a short time.
Searing Arc Lv20 – Long range damage.
Invincibility Lv30 – Temporary invulnerability.

HP: High
ATK: Med
DEF: High
ACC: Average
EVA: Low
RES: Low


Mage ClassThough this class is on the squishy side and doesn’t handle damage the best. You’ll find that it is often at the top of list for total attack power. After all aren’t mages usually the biggest hitters in games.

It’s a good idea to try and stay of of the middle of things as much as possible as HP can drain quickly. The mage has strong AoE attacks making clearing out groups a little easier than others. This in turn can get you start in area easier as well.

Fireball Lv1 – Shoot a fireball at the nearest enemy.
Frost Tower Lv1 – Damages nearest foes and slows them.
Dark Depths Lv1 – Summon a black hole causing big damage to near by enemies.
Fatality Lv15 – Increases MDEF and SATK.
Meteor Storm Lv20 – Summons a snow storm to hurt monsters withing radius. Why is it called meteor when it’s snow? Im not sure.
Teleport Lv30 – Teleport somewhere near your current location.

HP: Med
ATK: Med
DEF: Med
SATK: High
ACC: High
EVA: Med
RES: Med


Rogue Class

The Rogue is the most squishy of all the classes. It’s makes up for it however by having high attack damage and fast attack speed. Since you’ll be in close fighting monsters you’ll have the potential to take a ton of damage.

Anticipating monsters attacks is a must at later levels to maximize survivability. Bosses can be even more of a challenge due to there extrema power. If your looking for DPS than this class is for you.

Assassinate Lv1 – Move towards the closest enemy, damaging all nearby enemies. Will simply dash forward when there are no foes.
Arc Blade Lv1 – Consistent AoE damage to all surrounding enemies.
Fury Slash Lv1 – Damage foes in front of you.
Cyclone Blade Lv15 – Spin in a circle damaging enemies close up and at a distance. Can also be used to defend.
Agility Lv20 – Increases speed and EVA for a short time.
Stealth Lv30 – Temporary invisibility.

HP: Med
ATK: High
DEF: Low
SATK: High
ACC: Med
EVA: High
CRIT: High
RES: High

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    Mage have low Matk & low Mdef, dafuq?


    Mage should have at least native stat bonus for matk and mdef. it’s by far the most crippled among others. rogue as you can tell is op.

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