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BlueStacks - Brave Trials Wiki GuideIf you were hoping to play Brave Trials on BlueStacks you might be disappointed, but there is good news. For some reason when you install the app it’s show up for only a second then disappears like it’s not there any more. If you go into the app manager you’ll find it sitting there like other installed apps. This is the first time Ive seen this. Usually you can install something and wont work when you try to play it.

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For awhile BlueStacks rained supreme as the #1 Android emulator for PC and Mac. As soon as they implemented a payed version with a hard to swallow free option something magical happened. An emulator called AndY suddenly got a lot better at running Android apps. Now when you type Android on PC into Google BlueStacks is no longer first in the search results. The #1 spot now belongs to the always free and open source AndY. It just so happened the Brave Trials seems to work very well on it to.

The thing that makes AndY even better beside being free always is that it looks and operates like a real mobile device. It’s not some compartmentalized profit box. At first Brave Trials might force AndY to close. This is normal after opening it up for the first time. Just restart the program and everything should run smoothly from there. It also might not work so good on lower end machines.

BlueStacks Tips & Tricks

Free without Downloads – If you turn off the internet to your PC or Mac before starting BlueStacks you can play games for free. Since there is no internet you will not be directed to download 4 random and potentially huge file size apps. Of course this wouldn’t work for an online game like Brave Trials.

Kind of Free – If you do decide to go for there free download option make sure to keep them installed. If you uninstall the apps they will make you download more right away.

AndY Brave Trials Wiki Guide

AndY in game Brave Trials Wiki Guide

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