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Block Story Wiki Guide Help How ToA Block Story Wiki & Guide with Help to shine light on things. Block Story is a simulation game developed by  Mindblocks  and is like Minecraft with an RPG story line. Mine down deep for all kind of materials for crafting and equipment making. Complete quest from NPC’s found around the world. Gain experience and choose how to grow your character to your play style. There is a Free version and a Payed one without ads. In game you can purchase things also for real money.

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I’m not sure what took so long for a game like this, but I’m glad it’s here and on mobile. There are just too many things to do in this app with replay value going through the roof. The world is massive with tons of places to explore. You get everything from Woody bio domes to lava, water, snow, and many more.

One of the best on most unique features is the ability to fly in survival mode. You will fall after a certain amount of fly time. You can increase distance travel with skill points gained from leveling. This game reminds me a lot of Skyrim with it’s massive open ended exploration and verity of skill progression. You can choose to fight with swords, arrows, magic, guns, and more. You can summon pets that will fight by your side.

Collect everything you mine and store it in chests for safe keeping. Build small shelters and giant castles. Find a house and don’t want to use the door? make your own path right through the wall. Search many already build structures in the world for quick items without needing to craft anything.

The developer seems to be very active when it comes to new content. We will probably get a few more really good updates if not something epic. Check back daily as this Block Story Wiki & Guide will be updated regularly.


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