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Block Story Recipes List Guide BookA Block Story Recipes Book list and guide. You can access your recipe book by entering your inventory then tapping the book in the bottom left corner of your screen. There are about 160 total recipes including 128 that are open from the beginning and 33 that must be unlocked via a quest. For more info check out the Block Story Wiki & Guide.

There are many recipes in Block Story and lots of them require you to complete a quest first to build. Completing a quest can unlock recipes in multiple areas and makes completing them a must for story progression. Some require a large amount of ingredients and can take a long time to build like Rings.

Very quickly you’ll run out of space in your inventory due to it’s small size in the beginning. The quickest way to get a Safe Box, aka storage chest, in to take one from the many buildings you’ll come across. You can also build a Safebox with 8 Planks made from Wood which is found in the Tools tab. These will soon be packed full of goodies as you mine and explore.

Block Story Recipe Book

Blocks – Take many of certain ores and condense them into block to take up less space.

Items – Things like fences, stairs, ladders, and many others things that could also be considered tools.

Tools – Everything you need to work the land and craft your materials.

Weapons – Without these you want be doing much attacking. Most of these require you to complete quest to unlock.

Vehicles – Transportation for getting around faster which can keep you safe in dangerous areas.

Armor – Increase defense and survivability. There are 6 armor slots including Hat, Shirt, Pants, Boots, Neck, and Ring.

Plants – Use parts of plants and sticks to create saplings that can be planted to grow.

Animals – These are pets that you can summon to aid you in battle.

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