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Best Upgrades - Sky Force 2014 Wiki GuideThese are the Upgrades fro Sky Force 2014 listed from the best to the worst. The last 3 have to be purchased with stars at the beginning of a stage. That the main reason there sitting at the bottom of the list. You should unlock them at the very least as you can then find them for free in boxes.

The free to use weapons make it to the top. There your only free fire options and with out them you wont beet this game on all difficulties. When you focus on them you’ll find this game gets a lot easier.

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Best Upgrades

1. Main Cannon – What puts this guy at the top of the list is it’s the only one sped up by weapon Upgrades in battle. This thing will deal most of the damage throughout the game so the faster you max it out the easier things will be.

2. Missiles – Very important for killing everything in a stage. Also helps a bunch when your pinned down by enemy fire. Packs a big punch and free to fire.

3. Wing Cannons – These are a must for increasing your kill zone. You’ll deal more damage to bigger enemies and take down groups faster.

4. Health – Good for survivability and making sure you get away with those  Cards. The bad part is that upgrades also increase your regeneration time for lives lost. Once you get to level 2 it will take about an hour each. It’s good to find a happy medium and spend more stars on weapons in the beginning. At level 2 you can take direct hits from big enemy missiles and collisions from plane without dying.

5. Magnet – You should at least unlock this very soon as you’ll get more stars. Later when stages are pumping out more stars than you can handle level 2+ will be needed. When you get close to maxing this thing out you wont have to worry too much about missing stars.

6. Mega Bomb – Good for cleaning up group and getting out of sticky situations. Can do massive damage to bosses if you can get in close.

7. Energy Shield – Good for blocking incoming damage, but doesn’t last long in the beginning. Stars are much better spent on free weapons. Later when playing on the Hard and Insane difficulties these will help a bunch in high traffic areas.

8. Laser – Will help bring down bosses and larger enemies much faster. But since it mostly costs stars to use you might wanna wait until your rich. You can find this for free however and usually will on most stage attempts.

Let’s face it, this game gets extremely difficult towards the end and your gonna need everything you can get. Maxing things out in the order above will probably get you through this app the fastest. If you have any input feel free to leave it in the comments.

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