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Best Free RPG Game List Android on Google PlayBelow is a growing list of the best RPG games free for Android on Google Play. Some of the free RPG’s on this list might be familiar while others will hopefully be new to you. Many of these title are also available on iTunes. Be sure to check back in the near future as new RPG games can be added to the list daily. Be sure to check out the developer links as they can have more RPG’s not listed here.

Best RPG Game List Free for Android

Arcane Soul developed by  mSeed Co., Ltd. – A really fun side scrolling RPG with lots of random loot to find and 3 difficulties. Find pets that fallow you around doing extra damage to the enemy. Big boss fight at the end of each area.

Dragon Storm developed by mobirix – A little different style then your probably used to. In this app you don’t actually move. Tap left or right to fight of waves of enemies coming from both sides. 100 card to collect with each one stacking 5 times. Pets for extra help in battle. Different characters to play with. Send extra characters and pets on expeditions that take time but rewards gold and items.

Dungeon Madness developed by Pancik – A simple dungeon crawler where you try and make it to the bottom. Lots of random loot to pick up. Can also find material for making your own gear or upgrading stuff already found. After making it so far you can start there if you die. To tell yo the truth I’ve never died so I’m not really sure what happens. Had some very close calls though.

Inotia 3: Children of Carnia developed by Com2uS USA – An oldy but goody. Choose a class in the begging and find party members as random drops the reset of the game. Fight and explore with 3 party members that can by switched out at any time, even boss battles. Tons of loot dropped from enemies, found in chest, bought from stores, and purchased from randomly appearing secret merchants. Along the way you’ll come across massively difficult bosses through portals meant to be disposed of the second time through. You can actually beat these bosses with under leveled characters by letting the boss chase you and having the party attack them. Takes some getting used to, but will get you super tough gear early.

Inotia 4 developed by Com2uS USA – Much like Inotia 3 with better graphics and gameplay. A must play if you havnt yet. Has lots of stuff to do. Since it has been out so long though they have amped up the difficulty hoping more people will throw money at it.

Machine Knight developed by KEMCO GAMES – This is a more traditional RPG with a good story and 50+ hours of playtime. Kind of like the old Dragon Warrior titles where enemies are flat graphics. Don’t let that fools you though cause there’s a lot of good stuff here if your looking for something long term. Find materials to upgrade weapons and armor or build new ones. Take each party member down a path of your choose each with it’s own skill set.

Minute Quest developed by moitititi – Despite the word minute in the title this game can take longer to complete than most others on the planet. Every monster can drop a pet version along with weapons and armor. Try to get to the end fighting tons of enemies and bosses along the way. Equip different combinations to get unique skill sets. Visit our Minute Quest Wiki & Guide for info, help, and cheats to avoid spending too much time on this thing.

Ragnaroth developed by MobEase – lots of grinding in this one, but you’ll probably like it. Choose where you want to put stats and make or break your character. No worries though cause you can reset things back to normal with in-game currency obtained for free.

S.O.L: Stone of Life EX developed by Oddy Arts – The closest thing you’ll get to Inotia 5 and Zenonia 6 while your waiting for them to be released, if there released. Lots of gear and set items. Tons of play time and areas to explore. The world map is one of the biggest messes I’ve ever seen in a game, but they made up for it with great gameplay and lots of options.

Zenonia 5 developed by GAMEVIL Inc. – A lot like Inotia games only with more to do. Need an internet connection to play. Can be extremely difficult at time. Like Inotia they have stepped up the difficulty hoping you’ll through some cash at it. Can farm bosses for items and gear. Craft weapons and armor then upgrade them so there even stronger. Boos fight can seem impossible at times. Battle others in PvP Arena with ranking system.

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