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Best Faen - Brave Trials WIki GuideThe best Faen in Brave Trials vary by Class. Each class has there own set of 4 G4 purple Faen that will compliment them the most. This isn’t my opinion, this is straight from the developers mouth. You can verify this information for yourself by going to Events, then scrolling down to Faen Combos. Recently though they have added 4 G6 and 4 G7 Faen which would obviously be a better choice in most cases for any class.

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One of the biggest reason these Faen work well together is because of their combo options. My guess is that it isn’t a coincidence that these groups work good. I’m sure the devs made extra effort to put these combos together. So it’s probably a good ideas to work towards these guys. There is a time indicator at the top of this list so it must change every once in a while. Check back in the near future for more combos if they do.

Best Faen

12/09/2014 – 12/15/2014

Brave Trials Band (Power A) Troublemakers (All Classes):
Simian (A), Savage (A), Bull Demon (A), Violet (A)

Rogue’s Agility (Power: A+) Duex Ex:
Hephaestus (A), Thunder God (A), Wind God (D), Thanatos (H)

Fighter’s Might (Power: A+) Heroes United:
Gangreen (A), Patriots (D), Shurikeno (H), Mythril Hero (A)

Mage Power (Power: A+) Galactic Force:
Alien Mothership (A), Alien Battleship (D), Alien Dragonship (A), Energy Raider (H)

Event Faen Combos

New G6 Fae:
Odin (A), Apollo (A), Poseidon (D), Athena (H)

New G7 Fae:
Seiryuu (D), Byakko (A), Suzaku (A), Genbu (H)

Tips for getting Faen and Shards

1. Elite Trials are one of the best places to find shards. To speed things up you can choose the auto option instead of actually playing the mission.

2. The Faen Hunt is a great place to get Purple for free without needing to collect shards. The High and Top cards will give you a free chance for a purple after a certain time period. After so many attempts with the Top card you will automatically receive a purple. Make sure to take advantage of this when you can.

3. In the Arena you can exchange Prestige for Weapon and Fae shards. Make sure to play the max amount of Arena battles each day. This will increase the amount of Prestige you are rewards when logging in the next day.

4. The 8-Day Gift will reward you with a purple after longing in for 8 days. They don’t have to be in a row, but depending on how long you plan on playing this game you might want to try and do it everyday.

5. You can Rebirth Faen to get back what you’ve spent on upgrading them. This way you waste nothing when increasing there strength and can pass it on to the bigger and better options.

6. Remember that shards are also needed to upgrade Fae to there maximum. So if you have a choice to get a whole and save some shards for upgrades you should.

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