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Beach Buggy Blitz WikiBeach Buggy Blitz Wiki for mobile devices and is available for Android on Google Play and for iPhone/iPad/iOS at iTunes. Beach Buggy Blitz is a racer where you earn coins to upgrade different cars, power-ups, one time use items, and for playing with different characters.

Beach Buggy Blitz seems to start off slow but unlocks new areas to race in after every vehicle and power-up upgrade purchased. There are 2 or 3 beginnings when you start with the rest of the track changing after certain distances.

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This app is a lot of fun after trying it out for awhile. The randomness of the tracks keeps me entertained and not so disappoint there is only one track. My only real complaint is not having a controller to play this thing properly.

I’m amazed how well this thing plays, with just a little bit more work this thing would practically be a console title. I have been given warnings by Android apps that Beach Buggy Blitz will drain my battery fast, I have experienced none of these problem and the game actually seems to use less battery life than a lot of others I’ve played.

When you spend your coins on the right stuff early the amount of time it would take to get everything isn’t be that long which is another nice feature about this app. Many other developers try to corner you and think your actually going to spend months and years trying to complete the dang thing.

This Wiki can be updated daily so check back often if your hungry for new content.

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