Oct 282014

Beach Buggy Blitz Tips & TricksHere are some Beach Buggy Blitz Tips & Tricks to help you out during gameplay.

Coins – The farther you go the more coins will appear at a time on the track with rows of coins growing from 1 to 2 to 3 and up. Every once in awhile you come a cross a giant room filled with hundreds of coins, I like to drive around in it collecting them all even though time will run out.

Earn Coins Faster – If you want to ear coins the absolute fastest then your gonna want to only invest in the Coin Bubble & Checkpoint Power-Ups. This way the only Power-Ups you’ll find on the track will be coin bubbles. The Check point buff seems like its just for time, but third increase lets you earn coins for time left when reaching a checkpoint.

First Car – The car that you start with is a pretty good ride when it come to handling and speed. Upgrading it to highers levels isn’t a bad idea. Car with low defense will be slowed down a lot making their speed not that important anymore.

Gadgets – One time use that are better for players who have built up skills where you might be able to earn the spent currency back.

Vehicle Stats – Top bar is speed and will increase how fast you move. The middle bar is for steering and will determine how well you handle in those turns. The bottom bar is defense and the higher it is the less you’ll be slowed down by crashing into obstacles and other drivers.


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