Oct 282014

Beach Buggy Blitz Best CarFor me the Beach Buggy Blitz Best Car would be the Lambini as it has the highest speed and control of any vehicle. Many people might find this vehicle hard to drive as the speed is too much and crashing slows you down a lot. The trick is to brake in places with sharp turns.

Certain areas are hard to use it than others like cave, docks, volcano’s, and other hard to man0over terrain. Braking can be difficult as controls are limited unless you have a controller that why they have put a brake peddle on both sides of the screen. When turning left use your right finger to apply the brake if you turn is too sharp or your going too fast.

Beach Buggy Blitz Best Car LambiniOther vehicles on the other hand have there advantages as well like the Rock Stomper having the highest defense of all cars making it great for smashing things and pushing drivers around the course. Also, the bigger the vehicle the more coins you’ll pick up driving around though speed can be more important as not going far can limit you coin earnings.

Out of all the rides the Rally Pro has some of the best handling and though its speed is slower than the Lambini it makes up for it with higher defense letting it slow down less when running into stuff.

If you need some more info check out our Beach Buggy Blitz Tips & Tricks post for help on making it as far as possible.

Beach Buggy Blitz Best Car

The above video shows Beach Buggy Blitz Best Car Lambini gamplay.

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