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Avernum Escape From the Pit Guide WikiAvernum: Escape From the Pit Guide Wiki with tons of info to help you out. This game was floating around for 2 years before I know it existed. What a beautiful gem, you can’t go wrong with massive open world exploration, complete control building your party members, 12 equipment slots, where do I put all this loot?, dual wielding, …built… in… Character… Editor….. that’s gives you god power to completely manipulate the game, I’m in.

Avernum: Escape From the Pit Guide Wiki

  • Characters
  • Attributes
  • Skills
  • Traits
  • Mage Spells
  • Priest Spells

Character Types

Soldier – Received excellent military training on the surface, the best the Empire had to offer. Very good with all sorts of weapons.

Berserker – Wild swordsmen from the remote areas of the Empire. Their wildness tends to get them dumped into Avernum. They’re extremely hardy and unmatched in sword skill.

Priest – One of the faiths disapproved of by the Empire. They have excellent healing and protective skills, although they often end up having to use them in Avernum.

Sorcerer – Practitioners of the wizardly arts. Their spells are powerful, both on offense and defense. Alas, because of thier dangerous research and eccentricities, they tend to be sent down to Avernum.

Rogue – Nimble, good with swords, and able to handle locks and traps. They also tend to walk off with things they don’t own, usually landing them in the pit.

Archer – Were either hunters or trained members of the Empire army, highly skilled with missile weapons.

Rebel – Some people dare to rebel against the Empire. They have to be good at everything if they have to survive, though they don’t have the freedom to excel at one thing. Tends to be good with weapons, traps, and lore.

Hedge Wizard – Live in the remote villages, where they help the locals with their magic. This sort of character is good at magery and has a little bit of training in Priest spells and First Aid.

Shaman – Priest of the back hills. Not quit as good at spells as a priest, but makes up for it with weaponry and knowledge of healing.

Custom – Skilled players can make their own custom characters, which can be trained immediately after starting a new game. My personal favorite, allows you to shed the weaknesses that accompany all preset types above. Easily focus on building the strongest warrior, tank, mage, or a hybrid bent to your will.


Strength – How muscular you are. Improves your chance to hit and damage with melee weapons. Enables you to wear heavier armor without being encumbered. Having more of this skill is of great benefit to warriors.

+5lbs to Encumber max

Dexterity – How fast you are on your feet. Improves your chance to hit and damage with missile weapons. Reduces your chance of being hit in combat. Helps you act sooner in combat. Warriors and archers are aided by this skill.

Intelligence – How good you are at thinking things out and solving problems. Increases the character’s spell energy and helps to resist charming and other mental magic.

+5 SP

+3% Mental Res

Endurance – Measures how hardy you are. The more endurance you have, the more health you’ll have and the less poison and other such afflictions will affect you. Also helps you resist harmful magic.

+5 HP

+2% Poison Res

+2% Acid Res






Each spell can be raised up to level 3, buy 2 levels from trainers and find 1 from tomb’s (which need Arcane Lore to read).

Mage Spells

1 Bolt of Fire
2 Call Beast – Very helpful when summoned at the beginning of battle. All party members can use at the same time for 4 total. Lv 1 Mage Spell skill gives you this for free making it easy for everyone to have. Can summon out of battle, but pets leg behind putting them at the back of the fight, so do it close to or at the start of a fight.
3 Cloak of Curses
4 Daze
5 Haste
6 Slow
7 Icy Rain
8 Spray Acid
9 Cloak of Bolts
10 Minor Summon
11 Lightning Spray
12 Blink
13 Cloak of Blades
14 Dispel Barrier
15 Summon Aid
16 Howl of Terror
17 Fire Blast
18 Arcane Summon
19 Cloak of Arcane

(Idea: 4 characters each using the Cloak of Arcane would be necessary for you to harness the maximum power of magic.)
20 Arcane Blow
Priest Spells



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