Nov 152014

Android Cheats TipsBelow are all Cheats & Tips for Android Apps, see more cheats & tips here for other platforms. Many games are free while some cost money and can be downloaded from Google Play Market and other places online.

All Android Cheats & Tips

Inotia 4

Android Info – The Android gaming platform has been around since 2003 and as of 2013 sold more devices than iOS, Windows, and Mac combined. It’s ease of use, available selection, and ability to exchange games or .apk files between devices and not be locked down make it #1.

Unfortunately, many developers are trying different ways to box you in and get you to pay for something, which right now seems to ruin a lot of games. Keeping most things for free with lightly woven payed options looks like the way to go as some of the most played games are free to play.

Having access to cheats and tips early can be the difference between playing something for 2 weeks or 2 years when it come to mobile gaming. Believe it or not there are apps that aren’t even finished, but you won’t find that out until 2 months down the road after you jump through all the hoops. It’s not that coin but it happens.

Luckily, there are some really awesome Android apps out there to help us out and keep us entertained. When it comes to mobile games and all others they should fun first.

Check back often as content is updated daily with new things being added every day.

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