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Brave Trials Ancient RealmThe Ancient Realm is an Event in Brave Trials where you can get Gold, Gems, Crests, and Upgrade Stones. It becomes available when you reach level 26 and can be accessed from the event button in the upper right of your screen in town. To leave and go back to town simply tap the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Inlay Crest are use to place in the socket of equipment for you and your Faen. They have five rarities Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Orange which is the best.You can randomly change there stats twice a day for free from the Socket button at the bottom of your screen in town.

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After completing a series of trials in the Ancient Realm you can open a chest by talking to the Treasure Box guy in the Realm. You can only open one chest per chapter per day. So you can open every chest once a day if your strong enough to complete all areas. The last trail in every chapter has a boss that must be defeated. Besides chest you can also get crest from just completing some trials. So it’s recommended to play them even if you can’t complete them all in a chapter. The will be rewarded every time on the same missions. There are 8 chapters total.

No stamina is used or needed in the Ancient Realm. You can only complete each trial once per day for free. If you die you can retry until it’s completed for that day. The reset options lets you use gems to replay a chapter after you have completed already that day. 3 stars is only needed for a better reward upon completion of a mission, though it may effect the contents of a chest also.

These can be difficult for new players at level 26. The key to completing them is increasing your power by upgrading equipment and Faen.

Ancient Realm - Brave Trials

Ancient Realm Trials - Brave Trials

Ancient Realm Chapter Chests - Brave Trials

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